Introduction to Aave Cross-chain Communication Abstraction Layer a.DI

Intro to Aave X-chain Comm. Abstraction Layer a.DI

a.DI is the evolution of Aave’s cross-chain system, which summarizes cross-network communication, abstracts bridge providers, introduces consensus rules (controlled by Aave), and adds emergency recovery mechanisms. The Aave development team at bgdlabs has written about three features of a.DI.

Consensus: Even with reliable providers, reducing single dependencies and increasing security is crucial for systems like Aave. a.DI has a consensus mechanism to govern underlying bridging, supporting Chainlink CCIP, LayerZero, Hyperlane, and official cross-chain bridges.

Emergency recovery: By default, a.DI is controlled by the Aave governance smart contract. However, it also has an additional mechanism provided by Chainlink that allows guardians to “fix” the system, but only when signaled by Aave governance on Ethereum.

General and abstract: a.DI also serves as an abstraction layer, hiding the integration details of underlying bridging and simplifying the developer experience of writing proposals for Aave governance. a.DI is the final component of the Aave governance v3 triad: Aave governance v3 itself (voting), Aave bots (permissionless automation), and a.DI (cross-chain communication). Upon community approval, they will become the infrastructure layer of the Aave DAO.


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