How can Opside collaborate to build the ZK ecosystem as the era of multiple Rollups approaches?

How can Opside help build the ZK ecosystem as multiple Rollups become more prevalent?

Opside’s mission is to make ZK-Rollup more user-friendly and accessible, making it possible for zkEVM-based application chains to be widely implemented.

Opside Overview

Opside is a decentralized ZK-RaaS (ZK-Rollup as a Service) platform and also a PoW network that supports ZKP (Zero Knowledge Proof) mining. Opside uses a hybrid PoS & PoW consensus and provides Web3 developers with the ability to generate zkEVM application chains with one click. At the same time, the huge amount of ZK-Rollup generated ZKP calculation tasks has created a huge demand for computing power, providing miners around the world with a meaningful mining scenario.

Opside’s mission is to make ZK-Rollup more user-friendly and accessible, making it possible for zkEVM-based application chains to be widely implemented. Opside offers the following services and innovations:

  • ZK-RaaS (ZK-Rollup as a Service): For developers, deploying their own ZK-Rollup (zkEVM) on multiple chains with one click;

  • Opside ZK-PoW Cloud: For miners, Opside is also a multi-chain PoW protocol that supports ZK mining and generates zero-knowledge proofs for ZK-Rollup on multiple public chains.

Opside’s Advantages

According to Vitalik Buterin’s latest article, we can expect to transition from the era of multi-chain to the era of multi-Rollup in the future. ZK-Rollup as a Service offered by Opside will make it possible to widely implement ZK-Rollup. Developers do not need to have any ZK knowledge and can create their own ZK-Rollup by simply selecting the frontend. The created ZK-Rollup can be a Layer 2 of any public chain (such as Ethereum, BNB Chian, or Polygon PoS), and the involved computing power will be provided by Opside ZK-PoW multi-chain protocol. The development and operation costs for the project team will be significantly reduced.

In addition, Opside will launch a specific contract with 0 gas fee in early July. Users will not have to pay any gas fee when using certain dApps on ZK-Rollup. The 0 gas fee contract aims to solve the problem of high barriers to entry for current Web3 dApps and greatly improve the user experience.

Ecological Value of Opside

Since the launch of Opside Pre-alpha Testnet on May 24, 2023, the Opside network has received great attention from the market. In just one month, the total number of independent addresses on the network exceeded 120,000, with a trading volume of 5.54 million and more than 12,400 PoS validators and 60+ miners. A simple calculation shows that the hardware cost value injected by Opside’s global community members into Opside has exceeded $30 million.

What’s more, it is worth mentioning that Opside’s ZK application ecosystem is also expanding. So far, 6 high-quality project parties have created sovereign ZK-Rollups and deployed related applications, and more than 10 other project parties have deployed them on Opside Public zkEVM. In addition, more than 20 project parties are currently in contact with Opside for deployment-related coordination and scheduling. The ecological projects involve multiple popular tracks such as Defi, Gamefi, Socialfi, Content, and NFT.

Introduction to Some Ecological Projects:


Overview: Decentralized ZK-RaaS platform supporting DEX and liquidity platforms on Opside.

Type: Dex, Defi infrastructure

Chain: Opside Chain, Opside public zkEVM V2

Galxe event: (potential airdrop)


Overview: CryptoBlades is a revolutionary NFT role-playing combat game.

Type: Game

Chain: CB zkEVM (exclusive zkEVM chain)

Galxe event:


Overview: Era7 is a metaverse-style trading card game (TCG).

Type: Game

Chain: ERA7 (exclusive zkEVM chain)

Galxe event:


Introduction: BlockNG aims to connect every participant in the blockchain and build a powerful ecosystem.

Type: Dex, Defi infrastructure

Chain: Opside public zkEVM V2, Law Chain (exclusive zkEVM chain)

Galxe event:


Introduction: XThrill is a casual game that combines high-speed racing with intense gun battles based on ZK-Rollup technology.

Type: Game

Chain: XThrill (exclusive zkEVM chain)

Galxe event: (potential airdrop)


Introduction: SoQuest is a one-stop Web3 Quest platform that helps projects build Web3 Community and aggregates various project activities and information.

Type: Tool

Chain: SoQuest zkEVM (exclusive zkEVM chain)

iZUMi Finance:

Introduction: iZUMi Finance is a multi-chain DeFi protocol that provides one-stop liquidity-as-a-service (LaaS).

Type: Defi

Chain: Opside public zkEVM V2


Introduction: ReadON is a decentralized content distribution platform.

Type: Content

Chain: Exclusive zkEVM chain (coming soon)

Elfin Kingdom:

Introduction: Elfin Kingdom is a large-scale multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

Type: Game

Chain: Exclusive zkEVM chain (coming soon)

Ivy market:

Introduction: Ivy market is an all-encompassing NFT marketplace that allows users to earn additional income.

Type: NFT Marketplace

Chain: Opside public zkEVM V2


Introduction: Jackbot is a Win-2-Earn game that utilizes Web3 technology.

Type: Game

Chain: Jackbot (exclusive zkEVM chain)

Benefits of deploying on Opside

Opside is EVM compatible, and any project in Solidity language can achieve almost zero-cost migration deployment. For new projects, there is no learning cost. Project parties can enjoy the security, low gas fee, extremely low operating cost brought by ZK-Rollup, and the user experience will also be greatly improved.

Previously, we summarized the eight innovations of Opside:

  • ZK-RaaS: Opside provides a solution for ZK-Rollup as a service, which is more secure, more trustless, and has faster withdrawal speed. It supports Ethereum/Opside Chain/BNB Chain/Polygon and other public chains.

  • Hardware fully managed: The two hardware resources required by ZK-Rollup: data availability (analogous to hard disk) and zkp computing power (analogous to CPU) are provided by PoS and PoW in a decentralized and permissionless manner. Developers do not need to bear any hardware costs.

  • 0 gas fee: Based on Opside’s innovative economic model, developers pay the rent of the rollup slot and bear the cost of ZK-Rollup. If developers are willing, users do not need to pay any transaction fees, and developers can also choose their own gas token.

  • Fully on-chain: Thanks to the extremely low gas fee and high throughput, games, financial derivatives, and social products can be fully on-chain.

  • EVM compatible: We will transform the consensus layer of multiple zkEVMs (including Polygon zkEVM, Scroll, zkSync, StarkNet, etc.). Developers can freely choose the SDK of zkEVM without any migration costs.

  • Sovereignty: Developers have the sovereignty of ZK-Rollup and can customize the rollup economic model, such as the freedom to choose 0 gas fee and gas token.

  • Cross-rollup communication: Different ZK-Rollups will be managed by a unified system contract, and they have the same interface specification and data results, so native cross-rollup communication can be achieved.

  • More Decentralized: Opside Chain adopts the ETH 2.0 PoS consensus and will have more than 100K validators. At the same time, the promotion of Opside’s multi-chain ZKP mining protocol will also attract more miners to contribute computing power to different ZK-Rollups and jointly maintain network security.

The Potential of Opside

Nowadays, more and more developers and project teams have demand for application chains based on zkEVM. They can use Opside ZK-Rollup Launchbase to generate their own zkEVM chain on public chains such as Ethereum/Opside Chain/BNB Chain/Polygon, as well as browsers, bridges and other basic supporting settings. The whole process only takes 10 minutes. Sovereign ZK-Rollup means higher security and stability. 0 gas fee reduces the user threshold, making it possible for Web2 traffic to enter Web3 without obstacles. In fact, after ETH turned to PoS, many computing powers have nowhere to go. The Opside multi-chain ZKP PoW protocol can access any Rollup to provide them with decentralized computing power and generate ZK proofs. The Opside team has years of experience in PoW and has maintained good contact with large miners around the world. At present, Ingonyama and others have jointly released and participated in this testnet. Since the launch of the Opside testnet for more than a month, it has more than 12,000 validators, more than 60 large miners participating, and more than 120,000 independent users participating. More than 30+ project parties are orderly accessing the Opside network. The data of the test network is expected to grow further in the next few months, and we will timely synchronize progress with the community. Conclusion and Prospect

As a decentralized ZK-RaaS platform and PoW network that supports ZKP mining, Opside has accelerated the large-scale landing of application chains based on zkEVM. Opside not only provides one-click generation of ZK-Rollup application chains, reducing the technical burden for developers, but also uses its ZK-PoW Cloud to meet the computing power demand of ZKP computation tasks generated by the increase of ZK-Rollup, creating a new mining scenario for global miners. Since the launch of Pre-alpha Testnet on May 24, 2023, Opside has gained widespread attention and positive feedback worldwide. With the continuous promotion and development of Rollup, it is reasonable to expect that ZK-Rollup technology will be popularized in more application scenarios. The emergence and development of Opside provides a possibility for the large-scale landing of ZKRollup and a new mining opportunity for miners. Opside has years of practical experience in PoW, and maintains good cooperation with large miners around the world, laying a solid foundation for the future development of Opside.

Experience Opside

Opside welcomes more projects to join our ZK ecosystem. With Opside ZK-Rollup Launchbase, you can easily generate a sovereign ZK-Rollup. Whether you are a new startup or an established project, Opside can provide the necessary support and convenience. Opside not only assists projects in rapid deployment and operation, but also provides continuous technical support and an ecosystem development environment to maximize project value together.

At the same time, Opside also invites all users to explore and discover projects of interest in our ecosystem. The Opside network ecosystem brings together applications from popular tracks for community users to experience. We hope that Opside can bring users a new interactive experience, allowing them to participate and feel the charm of ZK more deeply.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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