Crash and Reshape: Drawing Lessons from the History of the Gaming Industry to Look Ahead at the Future of NFTs

Crash and Reshape: Learning from Gaming Industry History to Look at NFTs' Future

SevenUp DAO author Tastingo.eth, Talin, discusses how the electronic gaming industry regained its confidence and reclaimed market share after a collapse 40 years ago. This leads to a discussion of the characteristics and differentiated competition of NFT new platforms.

1) Platform companies take back publishing rights and conduct audits before launching: Nintendo and Sega take back game publishing rights and conduct audits to ensure game quality and enhance consumer confidence. 2) Established companies develop high-quality projects to boost market confidence: Nintendo and Sega’s own studios develop a series of excellent games, regaining market trust. 3) New technology, new experience, new players: Activision and EA have chosen new tracks and technology development standards, such as the personal computer market, driving the development of the gaming industry and attracting new players. 4) The rise of rating media: With the development of gaming magazines and the internet, rating media such as IGN and Gamespot have emerged, providing professional evaluations of gaming products, eliminating information asymmetry, and helping consumers make wise choices.

1) NFT platform companies should take responsibility for industry standardization: If the old forces continue to condone garbage content production and cannot select high-quality content for support, new forces will inevitably take their place. 2) NFT new platforms will have both production and research capabilities: Driven by high-quality first-party projects, banning competitors’ contracts, gradually eroding their market share. 3) NFT new platforms will use new technologies such as AI/AR/VR for innovation: New media and experiences will bring new players and create new market opportunities to expand the battlefield to new territories and seize incremental territory. 4) NFT new platforms will promote professional project due diligence and KOL word-of-mouth rating: In the project due diligence process, key tasks such as real-name registration, background checks, art asset previews, and contract audits need to be carefully carried out.


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