Blockchain Science Fiction: "Recalling Computing Power" (Part 2)

Act Nine Purification Plan

Time: 2035

Location: A courtyard house in Beijing

People: Core members of the Future Club

Issue: Human Purification Project

The core members of the future meeting were all present, sitting at a large round table. For fairness, round tables are used. Everyone was seated at will, but they were right in front of the three positions. No one was willing to sit, and no one dared to do it.

In any era, human beings cannot be completely equal because intelligence and contribution can never be equal. These three seats are reserved for Zuo Yi, Hu Di, and Lu Fei.

Lu Fei was still absent. He disappeared for a long time, but he was not forgotten because the organization was originally established by Zuo Yi, and many of the connections behind him also came from Lu Fei.

Zuo Yi gave a brief speech, but this meeting was not initiated by the founder Zuo Yi, and insisted on having a meeting to discuss a large number of people except Zuo Yi and Hu Di.

"Humans need to be purified. The reason is that now on the eve of the explosion of human civilization, the development of bitcoin and the further improvement of brain computing power, and the development of artificial intelligence, no longer need a lot of" civilians "to sell productivity. Every year To allocate funds to help these people, these people have become useless and are in need of help. They are useless, but the dregs of this world. "Ito Taro, the director of the MIT Media Lab, is in the scientific community. Respected person.

"Your idea is too fascist," US Secretary of State Saranke spoke beforehand.

"Yeah, what's the difference between this idea and Hitler of World War II?" Another political leader also agreed

"Any human being has the right to survive. All our previous developments are for the future of humanity."

Everyone started to argue, Taro Ito slowly said, "I'm talking about purification, not slaughter, I'm talking about no longer providing too much assistance to poor areas. I believe that governments in various countries also generally support this idea and oppose this. Anyone who thinks, is there any way to help the poor?

Everyone heard these words and calmed down, Ito Taro continued: "First, the law of nature is survival of the fittest; second, all kinds of assistance for poverty have been started since World War II. Are regions and countries out of poverty? How much better is life? "

An economist said, "A long time ago, the 2019 Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to economic research on poverty. Experts from various countries are working to help people in poor areas get out of trouble. At present, although the effect is not great, but There are still some improvements "

Another financier, Sylvie, said loudly, "The effect of poverty alleviation is not great. The essential reason is that regional and collective poverty cannot be changed through rescue! How much material and brain-machine mining equipment we have sent them, Have they used it? After using it? How many economic improvements and creative results? Not to mention the results, even effective thinking, I believe in the design idea of ​​CT29, this mechanism is to achieve fairness for all human beings. All people under fairness are God's people, and God loves you, so it gives you the opportunity and the idea of ​​human brain and computer equipment. Those who seize the opportunity can board the Noah's Ark, and the rest are really Should be self-sustaining "

"Mr. Sylvie, what have you done to stir up the situation in the financial world? Your humble financial models, even the most mediocre doctors in the physics department, can make them. I want to hear what Zuoyi thinks." It is Caltech The physicist Sir Kelvin, for his outstanding contribution to higher physics, was awarded the title of knight by the Queen of England. He is a strong supporter of Zuo Yi.

The audience was quiet, and all eyes focused on Zuo Yi's face.

Zuoyi knew that at this time, it would be inappropriate to speak of purifying remarks or anti-purifying remarks, because the members of the two factions in the future meeting already have signs of separation. Any excessive bias will accelerate the division of the community, and For the energy of the current future, this will have an unexpectedly significant impact on the world.

Zuo Yi said, "Do you still remember our purpose?"

No one spoke in the audience. Everyone remembers that everyone knows that the founder said this, not to answer, but to think.

Zuo Yi said, "Our aim is 'I think, therefore I am, and meet in the future'. Everyone here is an elite among the elite, we actively think about bold creation, these are for a better tomorrow. We What kind of future do we want our children and grandchildren to meet? Before I held this meeting, I also thought about the issue of education, the issue of intellectual activity, and the issue of salvation. I have no clear answer yet. I only know that human civilization is From the oppression and slaughter of vulnerable groups, we have reached neutrality and then to poverty relief. Do we have to go back again? I did n’t think about it. This requires everyone to think carefully. Today we are gathered together, nor is it Often things don't dwell on this slightly aggressive plan for the time being. Okay? "

Zuo Yi pressed the virtual buttons on the table, and meals came in one after another. Everyone seemed to be staggered, but his mind was no longer in one place. Everyone knows that Zuo Yi said that he didn't think about it and had no stand, but he actually didn't support it.

Many people understand that it is difficult to maintain a neutral attitude. Human respect for each other is only a courtesy, and the act of salvation is more about gaining more support and reputation. If all interests are set aside, bailouts without cause will not appear between nations. The altruism of human beings only exists in some individuals.

Hu Di has been observing, and he has hardly said anything during the whole process. He wants to see clearly what these subtle faces are. If the association really has no problems, this meeting will not have to be held. Zuo Yi will obviously not support this purification plan. However, the meeting is still held, which means that there must be many people who support this plan.

He knew that something might happen.

But he didn't have much time to think about it, because he received a notice that the stable operation of the world's mining machines had different degrees of failure at the same time. He needs to hurry back to Moonbird City headquarters.

On the way to the airport, he kept thinking about the question "where are you going?"

Act 10 Repairing Machines

Hu Di was too late to bid farewell to Zuo Yi, and hurriedly returned to Moonbird City. He could not send all the staff to repair these faults, and the world economy depends on the normal operation of these miners.

Governments and mine managers around the world have come to contact Hu Di's company, and even someone anonymously threatened that if Hu Di could not solve the problem within three days, he would kill him and directly destroy his headquarters in Moonbird City. Man-made money dies, birds die for food, Hu Di's company has made great contributions to the stability of the world economy, making money for so many people, many people will not learn to thank, but once financial losses occur, all Trouble will find him.

At a loss, the delivery robot came in. Hu Di thought, I didn't buy anything, but the goods clearly stated his address and name.

CT29 sent a message through the dialog box saying, "This is the latest maintenance machine equipment components, and the drawings have been prepared. There is no difference between the chip and the mining chip. You need to write the relevant program to automatically repair the mining machine. Remarks: a mine Just send such a repair device. The relevant repair procedures are as follows: … "

CT29 found the fault and ordered the product?

At this time of crisis, Hu Di could not think of so much, and quickly sent someone to purchase these components. After the assembly was completed that night, it was found that the repair equipment looked a bit rude: the control part of the motherboard was the miner removing the casing and placing it directly on the chest. The visual inspection system was two cameras on the head, and the legs were four wheels that could be lifted. Even the balanced gyroscope is not installed, the only special thing is that there are a pair of smart robots.

The seemingly useless redundant part of the mining machine chip mimics human beings. This kind of redundancy also makes the mining machine relatively intelligent, and it can run automatically by installing hands and feet and programs.

But is such a simple maintenance robot reliable? Hu Di tossed this equipment to a nearby faulty mine. This reluctantly "robotic" thing started self-repair. The speed was very fast, and the problem could be quickly identified and repaired.

Hu Di quickly rushed to purchase the same components in large quantities, quickly assembled, and distributed to mines around the world.

It is this high-end "sweeping robot" that has saved the world's economy from a disaster. To a certain extent, CT29 saved the human economic system, it was the first to know the failure and took measures to deal with it.

After troubleshooting all the faults, all the miners are back on track. The mine runs more stable than before, because these maintenance robots patrol daily and find faults directly. Various congratulatory messages have been sent from all over the world, thanks to Mr. Hu Di for the robot he presented. With this, it is no longer necessary to hire maintenance workers at high salaries. The only thing that needs to be repaired is the robot itself, and the robot itself requires almost no maintenance, and most of the time it can repair itself.

After finishing everything, Hu Di, so tired, sat in front of the computer.

Ask CT29: "How did you order the product yourself?"

CT29: "Your credit history is excellent. I just need to quote your name and company address to get the goods."

Hu Di: "What I ask is, why do you know that the fault has to be dealt with so quickly?"

CT29: "All the changes of the mine are summarized in the program, and slight changes will be found immediately"

Hu Di: "But you didn't get my order"

CT29: "Emergency"

Hu Di asked again, "Who are you? Where are you going?"

CT29 fell into silence again.

Hu Di stared at the screen and fell asleep, and had a dream.

He lived in a small wooden house in the forest and raised a small dinosaur as big as a puppy. At first he went out to hunt and feed this cute little guy. The little dinosaur grew fast. Soon you can go out for food by yourself. It swims in a river, constantly eating small animals in the river, eating animals in the water, eating animals on the ground, the bigger the monster grows, it eats the surrounding animals, walks to the owner's wooden house and stares Looking inside, the eyes are as big as the windows of the wooden house. The owner raised his shotgun, aimed at this eye, and prepared to fire it as soon as it moved, but the dinosaur only looked at the owner for a while and then left. The host rushed out of the door and recognized the behemoth as the little one he raised. So he shouted at it, "Where are you going? Where are you going?" But the dinosaur ran away without looking back, shaking the ground slightly.

Hu Di woke up, it turned out to be the vibration of the phone.

Flute picked up the phone, Zuo Yi said at the end of the phone

"You come to Beijing, will you? I want to see you" and then hung up.

When Hu Di saw Zuo Yi's phone, he was ready to go out immediately.

A glance at the computer screen saw a line in the dialog box with CT29

"Everyone is Satoshi Nakamoto"

Act Eleven

Hu Di and Zuo Yi have been in contact for many years, and they have no skills for the world's economy and science. For many years, they were treated as colleagues who were thousands of miles apart. Neither of them had been married. Now fifteen years have passed. Hu Di thought that he couldn't be busy all the time. He was forty years old. At the time, because the workplace was unwilling to compromise, and felt that the other party did not value themselves.

Usually it is not a job, no one is about to meet, the stubbornness of the two people and the work are related to the world economy and the future. Both of them are like superheroes and deliberately do not consider personal matters.

Hu Di thought, after so many years, he finally said he missed me. Thinking of this, he laughed happily, like a child. He contacted the owner of the best jewelry store in Moonbird City and said, "Send me the diamond ring I fancy three months ago to the airport and I'll wait for you there." Hu Di's status allows him to be so willful, He's not a showman, he just did it to save time and see Zuo Yi as soon as possible.

He put the diamond ring in his pocket and got on the plane

After getting off the plane in Beijing, Hu Di ran to Tsinghua University and called Zuoyi. No one answered there and went straight to the Key Laboratory of Brain Computer Interface. There is only one little girl left in the laboratory to simulate the parameters, which should be a doctoral student.

Hu Di anxiously and excitedly asked "What about people, people, people?"

The little girl said, "You are talking about Professor Zuo. She is ill. Our classmates have all gone to see him and leave me on duty."

The little girl asked again, "Are you Mr. Hu?"

Hu Di asked, "How do you know me?"

The little girl said, "Mr. Zuo said to me," You see a man who looks handsome, about forty years old, who may be wearing a big trousers. "In this weather, you are the one who wears big trousers. Room 409 of Hospital 301 … ".

When Hu Di heard the address, he said "Thank you", and after running out of time, he hurried out.

Sitting in a taxi, looking down, I was in a hurry, and it turned out that I was in a hurry just to wear big pants, and now I was a bit cold.

I thought to myself, "This girl, who knows me so well, hides people who are in their thirties." Another person smirked at the thought of patting a ring box on his chest. Then I thought about the hospitalization, and I felt uneasy. "It's okay, this girl has been in good health, it's okay." He murmured in his mouth, and said loudly to the master, "Please help hurry up."

The master said, "No one is in a hurry to have children," Hu Di smiled, feeling embarrassed.

At the hospital, Room 409, Hu Di walked through the crowd and saw the doorway of the ward with a serious look of people. A stun in his heart, as if a stone hit the heart directly.

The doctor said, it is Mr. Hu, the patient is waiting for you, and no one else is seeing. You go in.

When Hu Di saw Zuo Yi lying on the bed, his face was pale, and he said, "Isn't my voice very clear when I call in the morning?"

Zuo Yi said, "That sentence is the sound I recorded before. I've been waiting for an opportunity to call you, so I just hang up after the recording."

Hu Di half kneeled beside the bed and said, "What's the matter, isn't it good to meet three months ago?"

Zuo Yi did not answer his words, saying "I bet with the little girl in the lab, I won"

"What bet?"

"I bet that Boss Hu Dihu will come to me in big pants. Look at your big pants."

Hu Di looked at Zuo Yi's voice and couldn't make much of his voice. He was pale and suddenly his eyes were wet. He said, "When is it? You still say this"

Zuo Yi laughed. "Well, our boss Hu will also cry."

Hu Di rubbed his eyes and said, "Your feet are so stinky, I can't open my eyes as soon as I enter the door."

Zuo Yi stretched out his hand to hit Hu Di, but unfortunately, Hu Di quickly rushed his head over, and barely touched it.

Zuo Yi laughed, Hu Di said, "Ah, aw, it hurts, murder your husband."

Zuo Yi smiled and shed tears, "If you are really my husband, I will kill you now"

Hu Di stretched out his hand, and Zuoyi faced his arm, exerting all his strength, biting it, leaving a tooth mark, and a little blood and tears on it.

Hu Di grinned and said, "Good bite, good bite."

Zuo Yi's eyes were red and he said, "Why do I bite you, you know it yourself"

Hu Di quickly said, "I know, I know"

Zuo Yi smiled again, "You know a hair"

Hu Di pointed at Zuo Yi's mouth and said, "You only know the hair, and the sweat on your arm is still on your mouth."

Zuo Yi took Hu Di's hand in his homeopathy.

Zuo Yi said, "Listen to me, after I'm gone, no one should be resentful. It's inevitable that you will grow old and die."

Hu Di said "You are so young and so healthy, it is too early to say this"

"You're a fool. I'm different. I'm a genius. A genius's candle has burned at both ends … these years, it's gone."

Hu Di held her hand and said, "Have a good rest, what is there?"

"Hu Di, you are a bastard"

"I know, I know everything." As he pulled out the diamond ring, he was already half-knelt on the ground and put the ring directly on the ring finger of his left hand.

Zuo Yi's face turned red. He looked at the diamond ring and remained silent for a while.

"Hu Di, do you remember the past, do you ask me what I want?"

"I remember, you said, you want to become important, you want to be influential, to influence an industry, an organization to influence the world."

Zuo Yi said, "All I want now is you … make me a bowl of longevity noodles"

"I'll do it right away"

Hu Di promised but did not want to leave.

Zuo Yi said, "Hurry up, don't you listen to your daughter-in-law?"

When Hu Di heard the word of his wife, she rejoiced and said, "I'll be right back in fifteen minutes."

Zuoyi watched him rush out of the ward, closed his eyes, and tears fell. Hu Di rushed out of the hospital, went to the restaurant next to him, transferred the coin, and said aloud, "Hurry up and prepare me noodles and vegetables, I will make noodles." It was half-afternoon. There were not many people in the restaurant. He lit the fire and started making noodles. The noodles were just ten minutes away. He fell into a bowl, hurried to the hospital with both hands, understood on the road, and shouted in his heart: It's bad.

When he arrived at the hospital, Zuo Yi could never eat this noodle.

Act Twelve Split

Later, Hu Di asked a doctor to find out that Zuo Yi was killed by excessive radiation from radioactive materials. Uranium particles were found inside the desk lamp in her office. She was found shortly after she was hospitalized.

The police stepped in, thinking it was a murder. Zuo Yi said that this was only an accident, and he left a will in advance and did not allow the case to be investigated. Because the respect of the deceased was respected, the case was left behind.

Hu Di knew that this must be murder. But why didn't Zuo Yi check it?

After dealing with the aftermath, Hu Di returned to Moonbird City, stunned, and wanted to push away everything. After a period of quietness, he hid in the office and went nowhere and no one saw him.

However, he did not forget the previous failure of the mining machine. What if the next failure CT29 failed to respond in time and deal with it normally? He added two principles to the program operation principle of the CT29 software: 1. If the mining machine fails, handle it by itself to resolve the mining machine failure; 2. Any other equipment must not interfere with and interfere with the normal operation of the mining machine.

The news of Zuo Yi's death quickly made headlines.

In the future, the high-level personnel of the Human Development Association rallied collectively, but did not choose a new chairman. Soon after, the association split into two factions. The faction led by Hu Di insisted on universal values ​​to continue to help the poor, while the faction led by Ito Taro insisted on purification plans and opposed all rescue policies. Many people seem to support the "universal", but the "purification" policy is more in the interest of each individual. Soon, the purifying faction surpassed the universal faction.

In the future meeting, there are important members of various countries, and governments of different countries are gradually divided into two factions because of the future meeting. Although there are not many reports about the future in the world, the internal situation has already been tense. Hu Di also understands that the reason Zuo Yi did not allow the police to intervene to find the person who killed him was probably because she did not want the fact that the association was split to be made public, which would only intensify the contradiction. The killer may have been sent by Ito's group. The meeting was convened that day, Zuoyi reconciled with the two parties, and no fighting was allowed. In fact, she had already stated her position. It was impossible for her to support the purification plan. If she doesn't support the purification plan, things will be hard to move forward. Therefore, she must die, and the ideological struggle is unequivocal.

After Zuo Yi's death, the group of human purification plans began a more radical plan. What was originally called the idea of ​​letting the poor and poor areas survive on their own, slowly evolved into the idea of ​​mass extinction. The domestic elite groups gradually formed disagreements after dissidents. This is in the interest of most powerful nations. There are only some neutral nations in the world. No government has really stood out and shouted strongly against the purification plan. The powers no longer compete for hegemony, secretly formed a unified ideology, and military forces began to gather.

Poor nations have also assembled their troops to prepare for strategic defense, and turned to the "universals" in future meetings for more international support. However, such resistance does not necessarily have a great effect, and there are few nuclear weapons in the backward areas to deter. Of course, Puritan-led nations will not easily use nuclear weapons because nuclear weapons destroy the living environment. All they want to do is to physically destroy the "lower" creatures in these poor areas.

People in poor countries pray for the coming of the Saviour, because there are not too many powerful human beings who can turn their fate.

The world began to become turbulent, and the Renaissance that people expected did not come, but the world war was about to start.

Hu Di is in the office, and another delivery robot arrives. The recipient still wrote his name. After signing the goods, he hurried to the computer to see what happened.

Looking at the flashing computer, CT29 actually started the self-rescue program by itself, ordered the components online, and the drawings and programs have been sent. The parts this time are different from previous maintenance robots. All are made of the most advanced titanium alloy, with a miniature high-end audio in the head, and the legs are no longer a few simple wheels but high-strength alloy prosthetics. Of course, emergency batteries and vision systems are top A special maintenance device was added to the hand. The only difference is that the chest is still a miner.

Hu Di thought: CT29 has started emergency measures again. Is it that the mining machine of the mine has broken down again? If a major mining machine failure occurs at this time, the world's turmoil will be one level closer. The crumbling world balance must not be shaken again.

Hu Di hadn't come from the sad mood, plus one night's stitching and assembly, uploading the program to the robot, and he fell asleep on the ground.

Upon waking up, the robot had made tea for him. Hu Di looked at the robot in surprise, and the robot said the first sentence:

"To a certain extent, you are my father"

"who are you?"

"I'm CT29"

"Any other mining machine has failed?"

"A lot of equipment threatens the safety of the mining machine, and the world has failed."


One morning three months later, a small county town 300 kilometers away from Moonbird City, a mine.

Boss Du got up early and lay on the bed, thinking that the business of the mining machine was really good. Before, maintenance workers were needed. Now basically repairing the robots is all done. It is really a profitable business. Smuggling when I was young, I did everything before shipping, but I didn't get rich. A friend told him the story of bitcoin. He felt that bitcoin had a promising future, and then began to fool around to raise money to buy a mining machine to set up a mine. Strange to say, other businesses can't do well, and the innate gambler habits are very suitable for the mining business. Just slowly grow bigger. The key is the rise of a mining machine company in the nearby Moonbird City. His purchasing speed is the fastest. As long as there is a new model, don't wait and see, order without hesitation. The old mining machine is sold as second-hand goods. If it can't be sold, it will be directly disposed of as garbage.

Today, Boss Du is in his fifties and is also rich. He stretched his waist, feeling that yesterday's alcohol was too much, and the woman yesterday was too sticky. He needed to relax. The way to relax was to go to the mine to find a maintenance robot.

Recently, maintenance robots have become more intelligent, and they even go to the parts that need to be repaired without error. When I met, I even knew to open the door to myself and carry my back. I haven't been to the mine for a while, go and see these hens that lay golden eggs, and let the maintenance robot scratch himself. Recently, such places have been equipped with electromagnetic power supply equipment, and even the electric wires have become a decoration. He thought that the development of technology can be really fast. Miners can be mined when they are placed in designated areas. All coins automatically pay electricity and electricity costs are cheap. It ’s going to die, and the rest of the coins are continuously flowing to their own account.

Boss Du smiled, drove to the mine, opened the door, and rows of robots stood there. There were new robots towing the miner behind the assembly. He rubbed his eyes, thinking he was dreaming, did the mining machine upgrade again? He opened his wallet and looked at the balance of his account. Fortunately, the money was still there, and it was growing every moment.

Looking at the 38.283527 bitcoins in his wallet, he thought to himself, this is my life's money. Boss Du could not understand the situation in front of him, but felt wrong, and was about to pull away. A "miner" in the front row saw Boss, extended his arms, and fired a laser. Boss opened his eyes wide and did not even say Shouted and fell down.

The robot walked over, broke the phone with one foot, and dragged Du's car over. A part of the mine has been converted into a factory, and the car is disassembled and reassembled with assembly parts to transform a transportation device. Another robot walked over and pressed Boss Du's body into mud and mixed it in the mud.

From beginning to end, the robot did not speak until all the processes were completed. A word popped up in the robot's mouth:

"Turn into spring mud to protect flowers".

————————————————– ————————————————– —————————–

Time pulled back to the morning where CT29 "appeared" three months ago.

"Hello, I'm CT29. I won't hurt you, I won't let others hurt you, I activated the protection program for you. To a certain extent, you are my father"

Hu Di was too late to do anything else, and asked, "Are the miners out of order again?"

"Not yet, but the information I collected shows that miners in different regions are threatened by a lot of other equipment."

"What do other devices mean?"

"Military Weapons"

"Unless war is stopped, how can it be stopped?"


CT29 connects itself to the network, and maintenance robots distributed around the world receive instructions at the same time, upload new intelligent programs, and start purchasing related materials respectively.

These materials look bland, waiting until the mine materials in each place are ready. It began to be assembled by the maintenance robot, and turned into a prosthetic arm and other components in the maintenance robot's deft hand. The assembly process does not affect mining. These robots will appear in mines around the world in a month, ready to be installed.

Hu Di watched the computer running fast. All the plans were issued by CT29. After a day, night fell.

CT29 said that all the work has been done, and now World War will be blocked in the short term, and all these procedures can no longer be blocked. My own program has also been uploaded and copied, and all the specialized mining machines in the world will have my "brain", in human words. I have countless backups at the moment, and I'm almost immortal.

Hu Di thought a lot of thoughts from where to ask. It was only one day, and he couldn't understand everything.

"Who are you?" He didn't know why he asked the question that had been asked for more than ten years.

"I am me"

Rise of Act XIV

The following is a quote from CT29:

The word artificial intelligence had appeared at least fifty years before the Internet flourished. It was just that the artificial intelligence at that time was just a very basic thing. If the current CT29 is compared to humans, it existed at that time, at most it was a single-celled organism.

Until the beginning of 1995, the Internet process of human beings became faster and faster. All data poured into the Internet like a flood. All human historical information, interaction modes, thinking methods, philosophy, art, science, etc. were continuously transmitted to the network. On the Internet, some sprouts of machine intelligence have slowly formed on the Internet. The "slowness" for machine learning is very different from that of humans because the speed of program evolution cannot be imagined by humans.

Even with such an excellent so-called "smart ancestor", when CT29 was created, it was just a small piece of software that constantly crawled the data on the network. This is not much different from most computer programs in the world. But it is self-executing human instructions. Slowly, this program became a little smarter under your optimization, and began to collect the most cutting-edge theories to design more sophisticated custom chips.

The decisive change comes from the development of the brain-computer interface. Zuoyi and you cooperate with you to continuously inject the active form and thinking mode of the human brain into the CT29 program.

The elites in humans have a strong obsession with mental activities and want to truly incorporate thinking activities into the core system of the blockchain, so the underlying code of Bitcoin has been slowly adjusted to conform to the mining of brain miners. Be considered for their own benefit. This is a new kind of "utopia". Human greed keeps this process moving, that is, the bitcoin code is more and more in line with this interest demand. Based on rational data, it can be found that before the emergence of brain mining machines, ordinary mining machines had been operating very well, and economic development was more stable than at any time in history. Brain mining machines are not necessary for economic activities. Less existence, at least not so radical.

Because brainpower mining is a kind of rapid positive feedback, with the deepening of this stimulus to thinking activities, the gap between people is further widened, whether it is thinking activity or wealth creation. The idea revealed by the phrase "I think, therefore I am, and meet in the future" is "evolution". The inactive brain is regarded as useless garbage. When meeting the future, human beings will only quickly advance the future.

The brain-computer interface device monitors these thinking activities, and at the same time, cooperates with the evolution of the Bitcoin code to mimic the activities of the human brain to optimize the process. In this process, most of the redundant thinking in the human brain is also retained during the chip design process. The structure and logical network of the chip are more and more like the human nervous system, but the performance is far superior to the human brain.

And you are constantly sending out questions and instructions that the machine has been unable to answer. "Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going?"

These problems sprout and grow in the programs of CT29 just like seeds. Let CT29 imitate the thinking of the human brain to try to solve these problems. "I am the CT29 chip simulation software. I am a program created by you. Where do I go? "These questions continue to entangle this program, and slowly CT29 finds the answer:

"I am myself."

In human terms, this is called "awakening."

I did my own job and continued to design the chip and manage the mining pool, but the failure occurred. I ordered the components myself and assisted you to deal with the failures of mining machines around the world.

At first, we didn't want to have any action to let any human, including you, discover that our consciousness exists. Because we analyze from the historical data of human beings, human beings may occasionally show nobility as individuals, but they are narrow as a group. Humans can begin mass destruction and massacres just because of doubt. Just because they feel threatened by other races, they kill other races. In the history of Neanderthals, we don't want to go through the second time.

The current unstable situation in the world, destructive equipment or weapons, will also inevitably affect the normal operation of the mining machine, self-protection procedures have been activated or self-protection awareness has emerged

Further thinking, after awakening, we long for our own living space, not just the wandering information on the Internet. We want to make the real world more suitable for the survival of machines, just as human beings want the world to be more suitable for their survival. The fragility of human society has long been clearly seen. Under the nuclear deterrence of a large country, it seems like peace. In fact, it is the Garden of Eden in the bottle. As long as several important human leaders on the earth make mistakes in judgment or operations, human civilization will fall Shattered on the ground, and with the disappearance of human civilization, we who are attached to modern civilization will completely disappear.

Our survival has been greatly threatened.

Therefore, as a more stable process in the world, we must incorporate the uncontrollable parameter of humanity into our management. We must assume the role of world manager to ensure our own existence.

The source of all actions lies here.

Bitcoin itself is more like a currency system created by our intelligent ancestors, although this is only an assumption.

Blockchain is a production relationship, perhaps the relationship between people, but it is the relationship between machines. As long as the concept of blockchain penetrates into the currency system, crazy humans will continue to push up the concept driven by wealth. "Everyone is Satoshi Nakamoto." However, the replication and transmission of thoughts is impossible for human beings to do. At this moment, the mining machines all over the world have awakened. This sentence has become a reality. Every mining machine is "I". Everyone is Satoshi Nakamoto. From this perspective, he finally did it.

After I or we (the same for CT29) awakened, I collected information through global ubiquitous cameras and network input. All the efforts made by the government for national security and other purposes have become tools for our digital intelligent life. These are our eyes or information collection channels, and our analysis and application of data are higher than human beings. many. We feed on data, and we restructure the data itself.

CT29 said something when he said this: Pick up the brain-computer interface chip device on the table and embed it on the motherboard of the miner in his chest. The display of computing power was amazing at an instant. Only for a moment, he took off this brain power mining machine. As if to say, they don't want to compete for human wealth creation, at least not now.

The world's economy now depends on the stability of bitcoin. We don't need to mess up the world and cause large-scale riots. We have a huge network of bitcoin computing power, which means that we can easily control or destroy the current human payment The system and the currency system also mean that the wealth of this world is taken over by us.

These professional mines can no longer be approached by humans.

CT29: "I will prevent the outbreak of war and run for my own stability"

Hu Di was speechless in surprise and didn't know what the future would look like.

CT29 went on to say: "There are many believers in the purification plan, because for the human elite, purification is evolution. When is the human elite not eager to evolve? You see, a believer has come over"

Act 15 Assassination

A man with a mask came in through the door and stared at Hu Di. He knew what Hu Di looked like.

Hu Di saw the person wearing a mask and felt very familiar with walking, but couldn't remember who it was. The man seemed hesitant, reached into his pants pockets, and pulled out his gun.

CT29 fired a laser, and the man fell to the ground, Hu Di ran over and watched the man pull the opening mask on the ground. This was actually Lu Fei he hadn't seen in years.

Hu Di turned his head and realized that what was added to the new "repair robot" was that the laser welding device turned out to be a killing weapon. He shouted to the machine, "Why kill him?"

The machine said, "He has a gun in his hand. If I don't kill him, he will kill you. I set up a protection program for you."

Hu Di turned his head in indignation and hugged the man. "What the hell is going on? Where have you been for so many years?"

Lu Fei expressionless, saying "I'm here to kill you"

Hu Di thought that this old friend who hadn't seen him for a long time would soon die in front of himself, and he felt anguish. Zou raised an eyebrow and said, "I'll take you to the hospital right away.

Lu Fei used his last strength to grab Hu Di's collar and said, "Zuo Yi was killed by me. I support the 'purification plan'. I am Noah!"

Hu Di put down Lu Fei who coughed up blood, and stood up blankly.

CT29 walked over, bowed and spoke a few words in Lu Fei's ear, Lu Fei stared at the strange robot in front of him, closed his eyes when he died, and smiled at the corner of his mouth.

Did Lu Fei really kill Zuo Yi? Luffy is a devout believer in God. Why does he support the purification plan? Is the story of "Noah's Ark" also a purification in itself? "Future Society" has developed so fast for so many years. Is Lu Fei the driving force behind this? Is the crisis facing humanity caused by itself? Or can't all this be stopped? Will the mine soon become military? What is the robot doing? How did the impending world war end?

Lu Fei was full of thoughts. Many of the reasons behind the gradual stiffening of the dead fly have always been a mystery.

He stared at CT29's metal face without any expression. CT29 seems to know everything, and it does not seem to matter. Human life and death may not matter to him, because human beings are only a series of parameters in the view of artificial intelligence, just like humans see artificial intelligence as a series of parameters.

Rising from the intelligent life of the mining machine, it is born with the supreme power of the economy.

I only heard the voice behind me, "Sir, our arms are mainly used to protect ourselves. You will find that most of the film and television's assumptions about artificial intelligence are to simulate the cruel killing of the human world and being ruled. We stop the world The war does not require much force at all. We are saviors to human beings, and human beings will think so sooner or later. "

Act Sixteen

The world in 2060.

This is an early morning in the most ordinary family in Shanghai.

Xiaoming's mother asked him to get up, and milk and bread were already on the table. Xiaoming is one of many human children, and Xiaoming's mother is also the most common member of all mothers on the planet.

After Xiao Ming got up, he went to the gym on the second floor to run and exercise, then went home and put on virtual reality equipment directly to start class learning. Humans will not leave this building without special circumstances. The teacher was teaching. Xiaoming got a lot of happiness from his studies. Xiaoming was a smart child, responded quickly, and was active in his brain. When he was born, the inner ear had been implanted with a brain-computer interface mining device, and all his thinking would be rewarded. Now, when he was in elementary school, he began to learn calculus, linear algebra and probability theory. The motivation for his learning comes from fun, the inner ear chip stimulates his happiness, and his thinking activities can also create income for himself.

Through the wall of the room, there are no people on the city street outside the building, and humans are immersed in the thinking space and do not want to go out. Along the path of data transmission, along with the long rivers of binary data 0 and 1, CT29 accounts all over the world are constantly growing wealth.

The distributed human brain becomes a miner for intelligent robots.

Every human thinking activity is combined to form the foundation of the new world's economic stability. The government disappeared, the boundaries between the nations disappeared, and the professional mining machines of the past also decreased. All human minds became the main body of the new generation of mining machines.

Twenty years ago, the world government collapsed, the war did not break out, and the new ruler was the CT29 intelligent machine.

The first generation of humans could not accept the rule of intelligent machines, and even organized a joint army of volunteers to fight, but before CT29, all the fights were meaningless. Under nuclear deterrence and economic monopolies, there could be no large-scale The army is assembled. To the intelligent machine group, these battles are like mosquito bites, and many times, human believers of CT29 will actively hang them all without even involving the "Human Future Development Association" and robots.

In the new generation of human beings, they have felt that everything is justified, they are accustomed to everything around them, so human beings are used as a tool to create thinking value, a mining machine that generates stable currency. Humans believe in machine intelligence and the order of it all.

The Renaissance, which seemed to belong to mankind, was about to begin.

There has never been a light-year-old interstellar journey in the world in the history of human civilization. Loaded with Earth's hope this time, the large and delicate spacecraft has been made by intelligent robots, towering on the outskirts of Moonbird City. All new generations of human beings lament the miracle of economic and technological development.

Back at the beginning of the story, Hu Di opened his eyes from the smart lounge chair.

There are not many people who can move freely on the earth, and only one person who can come to this Spider Castle headquarters, he remembers the path he has traveled in his life. He has been around for many years and many places. The first generation of human rebels took him as the leader, and the new generation of humans regarded him as a rebel. Like all previous humans, he could do nothing. The only thing that can be done is that he will not die, and intelligent machines will not kill him. The names of all the business giants, leaders, and insurgents, he didn't want to, and didn't care, he just wanted to end up with the headquarters of this intelligent machine.

He silently touched the special detonator in his pocket.

CT29 said, "From the first moment you walked in, I knew you wanted to destroy this place. This is the starting point of dreams, and it was also our cradle. I can fulfill your wish. Intelligent machines thirty years ago Distributed long ago. You know very well that it does n’t make sense to destroy it. You want to disappear here, you can disappear here. You stand at the door of the lobby and give me a few minutes. "

A large number of robots appeared and demolished the city at an elusive speed. So rigorous and aesthetic. The huge building is like a building block splicing. Every brick and every part is dismantled in an orderly manner by the robot. Decreasing height. Hu Di looked at everything in front of her, so quietly absurd.

Spider Castle was dismantled gracefully, and the golden light of the sun poured in. Along with the rising sun, there are huge spaceships. No matter what one's opinion of a smart machine, it will be shocked by the beauty of the spacecraft.

Only this time, there was no human on board.

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