Data Analysis of EigenLayer’s Second Round Deposit Progress

EigenLayer's Second Round Deposit Analysis

EigenLayer raised the LST limit during the week of July 10th, and Nansen researcher Osgur Mok analyzed and interpreted the deposit progress of each type of LST pool in an article.

EigenLayer has raised the cap of LST (including rETH, stETH, and cbETH) to 15,000 tokens without any personal deposit limit. Once the total LST deposits reach 30,000 tokens, the LST staking will be paused again. The stETH pool was filled in a few minutes, which was expected as stETH accounts for 77% of the LST market share. The main reason for this was the rapid movement of whale addresses, with the largest depositor holding 20% of the stETH contract deposits, and the top 5 holding about 46%. Rocket Pool’s rETH pool quickly followed suit, but the top 5 rETH depositors only account for 10.8% of the rETH contract deposits. The last pool to fill up was cbETH. Interestingly, when we checked the addresses, we found that Rocket Pool rETH was the most widely distributed in a single address, with no address holding more than $1 million.


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