QKL123 Quotes | BTC blood-sucking benefits are not reduced, back to step on the attack 13,000 US dollars (0710)

Abstract: Yesterday, BTC suffered a selling pressure after being alone in a high-rise building, but the market's multi-military attack did not decrease, and today's high probability of inertia rose. From the historical comprehensive performance of BTC, its long-term upward trend has not changed; in the short term, the downside risks of BTC and ETH have eased, and the volatile situation of time-space swaps tends to change space with time.


According to QKL123 statistics, on July 10, 2019, the total market value of the global Token market was 245.212 billion yuan, the total market value of 24 hours increased or decreased to +1.33%, and the total turnover of 24 hours was 586.467 billion yuan. At +13.65%, market activity continues to increase compared to yesterday. The market value of BTC accounted for 65.16%, which was higher than yesterday (63.66%). The market value of ETH was 9.30%, which was lower than yesterday (9.53%). BBC's blood-sucking benefits are not diminished, and market risk aversion continues to increase, which may be an opportunity to ambush potential projects.

At 10 o'clock, among the top ten encrypted assets in the market value (excluding USDT), BTC has the largest increase in 24 hours (+2.61%), followed by BSV (+2.26%); ETH has a 24-hour increase or decrease of -1.12%, and LTC has risen 24 hours. The decline was -2.61%, and EOS's 24-hour rise and fall was -1.93%. USDT's 24-hour price increase was -0.23%, 24-hour turnover rate was 4.39%, market capitalization (26.553 billion yuan) was higher than yesterday (25.642 billion yuan), and the market capital flow increased compared with yesterday. Net capital inflows increased slightly from yesterday.


At 11 o'clock today, the Babbitt Composite Index 8BTCCI reported 19, 223.59 points, 24 hours up and down to +1.10%; alternative.me sentiment index was 84, significantly higher than yesterday (74), the market performance became extremely greedy. Yesterday, Bitcoin's Baidu search index was 63,102 points, a significant increase from the previous day (48,635), higher than the same period last month. Today, Bitcoin's Google search trend is basically the same as yesterday, slightly higher than the previous few days, lower than the same period last month.

Analyst's point of view: The market's overall heat is not decreasing, the market greed continues to increase, Bitcoin stands firm at $12,000, short-term inertia upswing, but beware of high risk.

First, the spot BTC market

3 24H highest: ¥89983.45 24H minimum: ¥83586.18

At 18 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the BTC was attacked by the Air Force, but after returning to the vicinity of $12,000, the volume continued to rise and stood at a resistance level of $12,000. The amount released can support the point. At present, the performance of the multi-military is still strong, and continues to increase the amount of up to 13,000 US dollars. The subsequent high probability will increase inertia, and the short-term downside risk is small, but it should not be too high.

Fund face


Yesterday, the net inflow of BTC funds was +1.878 billion yuan, which was lower than the net inflow of the previous day (+2.825 billion yuan). Today, the net inflow of funds has reached +26.19 billion yuan, a significant increase from yesterday. Among them, the large inflow (not less than 300,000 yuan) net inflow +848.8 million yuan, the net inflow (between 50,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan) net inflow +105.4 million yuan, the small single (less than 50,000 yuan) net inflow +76,510 Ten thousand yuan. It shows that the net purchase of the market has continued to increase compared with yesterday, but it is still mostly in small and medium-sized singles.


The number of BTCs destroyed yesterday was 98.05 million (smaller), which was higher than the previous day (903.96 million). It was close to the average of three months. The whales did not have any off-market selling action in the near future. damage. The daily currency destruction numbers here are divided into four categories: greater than or equal to 100 million for maximum values ​​(high probability and large amount of selling), historical days for about 0.3%; 50 to 100 million for larger Value (large probability of large-scale selling), the number of days is about 0.8%; the value of 10 to 50 million is the median (normal in the case of non-mass concentration), the historical days are about 17%; less than or equal to 10 million For smaller values ​​(normal), historical days account for approximately 81.9%.

2. Fundamentals

6 Next block reward halved countdown estimate: 293 days

At present, the BTC's total network computing power is 67.74EH/s, which is slightly lower than yesterday (68.06EH/s), still close to the historical high point, and the long-term upward trend has not changed. Yesterday, the number of active addresses in the BTC chain was 802,300, a slight decrease from the previous day (8.113 million), lower than the same period last month. BTC's valuation relative index MVRV increased with the price increase, from yesterday's 2.38 to yesterday's 2.42, the market supply and demand imbalance is slightly aggravated, there are still downside risks in the short term, and currently tend to change space by time.

3. Analyst strategy

Long-term (1-3 years): The long-term line can continue to hold or bargain-hunting. Currently, it is in the stage of partial adjustment. The mad cow market may come in the next one to two years. You can continue to wait and see if you step back again at around $12,000. warehouse.

Midline (January-March): Short-term shock adjustment, downside risks have increased, but downside space is still limited, it is recommended to continue to hold wait-and-see or bargain-hunting.

Short-term (1-3 days): Fast forward and fast, and the current short-selling risk is greater. Resistance is $14,000, support is $12,000, target is $13,000, stop loss is $12,000, and take profit is $15,000.


Second, the spot ETH market

8 24H highest: ¥2181.47 24H minimum: ¥2101.28

Since 00 am yesterday, ETH's heavy volume broke through the resistance of 310 US dollars, and after continuing to attack 320 US dollars, it has now fallen back to around 310 US dollars. The 24-hour trading volume is mainly concentrated between 300-310 US dollars. At present, the volume can shrink, and the short-term probability will stabilize, and there is the possibility of a breakthrough in recent years.

Fund face


As of 14:00, ETH's net inflow of funds today – 0.132 billion yuan, compared to yesterday's net inflow (+ 298 million yuan) significantly reduced. Among them, the net inflow of large single (not less than 300,000 yuan) was 7.93 million yuan, which was significantly lower than yesterday (+3,296). The net inflow of medium single (between 50,000 and 300,000 yuan) was +117.5 million yuan, compared with yesterday ( +21,626 million yuan) was significantly reduced. The net inflow of small orders (below 50,000 yuan) was 136.67 million yuan. Compared with yesterday (-1.47 million yuan), the market continued to reduce positions, but the retail market was mainly based on retail investors.


The ETH/BTC trading pair continued to decline and currently fell below the previous low, and there was a short-term rebound demand. At present, the BTC is stable at $12,000, and the recent ETH probability will increase.

2. Fundamentals


At present, the top ten ETH DApp activity levels continue to rise compared to yesterday. Among them, the number of active users of the trading platform IDEX (1,512) has rebounded from yesterday (1,376), and the total flow of pledges by DAI (1,880 ETH) has decreased significantly compared with yesterday (6,988 ETH). Yesterday, the number of active addresses on the chain of ETH was 432,300, which was a decrease from yesterday (523,100), which was basically the same as that of the previous month.

3. Analyst strategy

Long-term (1-3 years): The long-term line can continue to hold the wait-and-see. The ETH 2.0 project of the smart contract platform is in the process of advancement. It is expected to step out of the independent market in the future, and it can be reduced by lightening the bargain or about $320.

Midline (January-March): There is a possibility of an upward break in the short-term. Some positions can be ambushed, and the opportunity is moved to see if it is effective.

Short-term (1-3 days): You can ambush more than one bar on the bargain. If you increase the volume, you can add a position. Resistance is $320, support is $310, target is $315, stop loss is $300, and take profit is $330.

12 Note: Encrypted assets are high-risk assets. This document is for decision-making purposes only and does not constitute investment advice.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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