The integration of bitcoin: the West is good freedom, the East is a good game

The speculation about who Nakamoto is in the end has never stopped. As Bitcoin skyrocketed, speculation is increasing. However, it is certain that Nakamoto is not creating Bitcoin for the sake of fame and fortune. After the smooth operation of the Bitcoin network, Nakamoto has gradually faded out of the Bitcoin community, and even disappeared because of the founder’s Nakamoto. People's confidence in using Bitcoin has risen to another level.

Reconstruction of the early Bitcoin community

In May 2009, nearly a year after the publication of the white paper, Nakamoto received emails from countless geeks, including a man named Madi. Because the creation of the developer Mahal suddenly disappeared, Nakamoto must urgently need a supporter to promote the development of the Bitcoin community, so that more people can recognize the existence of Bitcoin, just as Madi’s concept of Bitcoin Recognition. Mardy is not a cyberpunk. The email he wrote to Nakamoto was like this: I really want to help with Bitcoin. I don't know what I can do?

The central content of the mail: the widely used system seems to have a catastrophic impact on the government's ability. We can see the prospect of Bitcoin, let us go further and free, I feel excited, we need to see some now. Convincing evidence to see what software or system can run safely and then be able to run in reality.

Nakamoto immediately replied: Your understanding of Bitcoin is completely correct.

With the support of the early players, Nakamoto began to emphasize his great ideals and motives. He wants more people to use Bitcoin. However, it is limited by his ability to express, because Nakamoto is mainly engaged in programming, and with the addition of Mardy, the Bitcoin community is even more powerful.

Within a few days, Mardy sent a paper to explain Bitcoin in many ways. The expression was very straightforward and even a bit radical.

However, Satoshi Nakamoto was very satisfied with the introduction written by Ma Di. He quickly opened all the rights of the Bitcoin website to Ma Di, allowing Madi to modify the content of the website at will. Nakamoto also encouraged Madi to find more. Professionals come together to help get the number of people in the Bitcoin network community.

In just a few weeks, Mardy made the site look new. Madi modified the simplification of the original complexity of Nakamoto, so that more people with lofty ideals can join the Bitcoin community. Realize the bottom-up construction of the network and promote the development of the community with a consensus mechanism.

The genes of the Bitcoin community have been passed down, building a consensus in the field of digital currency with free will.

Exchange creation

Bitcoin's early developers' enthusiasm for technology and community, due to the improvement of technology by network punk, did not directly promote the pricing of Bitcoin. What really started was MT.GOX, which brought Bitcoin into the eyes of ordinary people. .

East Asian countries have a deep understanding of gambling.

Jade posted an ad on the Bitcoin forum: Hello everyone, I have created a new bitcoin trading website, welcome to see.

At the beginning, Mt.Gox accepted the customer's direct entry into the PayPal account and began to explore the exchange model, just like the broker account in the traditional sense, although it has violated the principle of Nakamoto's de-intermediation. .

The biggest problem has become the essence of asset security. If Jed lost the e-wallet one day, all the customers' money will be lost.

Facts have proved that people's concerns are indeed not wrong. The collapse behind Mt.Gox and the issue of the company’s self-stealing prove this. The exchange between the intermediary bitcoin and the centralization agency is essentially a game. The final tragedy is at the expense of the customer’s money. .

However, this is the case, let more people realize the existence of Bitcoin, and let Nakamoto's idea be promoted, but the exchange has always been mixed.

More people entering the bitcoin market means the arrival of gamblers.

Barbarian is knocking at the door

China's first bitcoin exchange, Bitcoin China, was founded by Wenzhou businessmen Yang Linke and Huang Xiaoyu. Their original intentions are not big, just want to be a sideline, interesting things, just start trading the same fee as Jade, the same is into the personal account, Yang Linke is responsible for customer communication and deposit account hosting.

Everything changed with the arrival of Li Qiyuan. In 2013, when Li Qiyuan first contacted Bitcoin China, he asked Bitcoin China to regard him as the co-founder. Yang Link and Huang Xiaoyu agreed.

Li Qiyuan grew up abroad. In China, he found that the Chinese are rarely interested in the free will of the United States. The enthusiasm of the Chinese for hype, as reflected in the gold, is also the hype of Q coins, buying and selling Q coins to raise prices.

He saw the opportunity, and Bitcoin China seized the opportunity at the same time.

For the first time, Bitcoin gained mainstream media exposure in China. The CCTV Financial Channel reporter found a bar in Beijing. It was the slogan of an American that led to the first transaction of Bitcoin in China.

Unlike the United States, funds in China are heavily regulated. In the face of the fast-growing middle class, the amount of foreign exchange payments of 5w USD per year is almost poor. Bitcoin has become a new means of exchange. It has been popular in China. The price of the Chinese bitcoin market was once Lead the international bitcoin price.

Chinese people like to speculate, and because of the abundant funds, the enthusiasm for consumption and investment is high.

Free will vs game psychology

Westerners’ longing for free will, free will does not mean doing what you want.

On the contrary, free will means that one can control his own will, and eliminate all kinds of emotional fluctuations, which is actually a kind of self-control.

But why is this self-control called free will? Because Westerners believe that self-control is a condition of freedom.

The world of human consciousness is complex and has a variety of emotions. Investment sentiment can amplify various emotions, unless it is baptized by the trading cycle to truly control emotions, that is, the so-called growth, regardless of the subject of investment. Still self-awareness will increase.

The self-consciousness of the rise of wealth and freedom will not come too late, the so-called water is ripe.

If a person does not achieve control over his emotions and cannot focus his attention on the target, then he is a person who is not free, a person who lives in a spiritual cage, that is, a person who is not rationally civilized. The person who shines. It can be said that the Chinese misunderstanding of the word freedom is very deep. In particular, the obsession with the freedom of wealth, I believe that after the freedom of wealth is a state of indulgence of a club house by the sea.

Chinese people's desire for speculation is better than the desire for freedom. Speculation indicates that the tolerance for risk is relatively high. The side proves that the Chinese people's pockets are full, and the freedom of wealth is basically a comprehensive consensus. Bitcoin is exactly in line with the hype nature, at least This is true for the Chinese. There is no difference between good and bad.

(Author: Bitcoin Caesar)

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