What are the expectations for 2020 blockchain games? I interviewed 5 senior practitioners

If you ask: In the blockchain industry, what segments of the practitioners are the most interesting?

I would say: not a financial expert in a suit and rigorous seriousness, nor a technical coffee that is full of formulas and architecture diagrams on PPT, but a blockchain game practitioner who uses creativity and technology to prop up a dream corner of the world .

2019 is a seemingly bland but extraordinary year for blockchain games. It is bland that this year, there were no phenomenal blockchain games and no explosive DApps. What's extraordinary is that this year, blockchain games such as "Dark Chain Escape", "EOS Three Kingdoms" and "HouseGO" have emerged suddenly. Giants such as AMD, Ubisoft and Microsoft have entered the game. Immutable, Dapper Labs, Enjin, Mythical Games, Gods Unchained have tens of millions of dollars in financing, as well as Cocos-BCX mainnet launch, MixMarvel to build ecology, CelerX launch.

Blockchain has created a new world for players, and practitioners are working hard to lay a red carpet for them to welcome.

Looking back on 2019 and looking forward to 2020, Babbitt interviewed five practitioners of blockchain games. They are the top developers, infrastructure service providers and data service providers of blockchain games. They have an unparalleled love and dedication to games. The blockchain is like a beautiful island on their journey to life. Let people linger.

Wu Xiao: As long as there are players who like us, we must work hard to make new explorations.

Wu Xiao is the founder and CEO of Pure White Matrix. For the past year, Pure White Matrix is ​​best known for launching the world ’s first access to Libra within a week after the Libra White Paper was released (June 18, 2019). Cloud IDE for Move language. The circle of friends during that time was almost swept by the news.

Wu Xiao himself is a senior game player and an independent game developer. In July last year, Babbitt conducted an interview with Wu Xiao. He felt that when he was serious, he was a mature and calm programmer; he laughed He was like a naive and lively boy (he was born in 1992).

Babbitt: What's the happiest thing in 2019?

Wu Xiao : I think the happiest thing is that our cooperative game "Rhythm Dungeon" with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) Game and Multimedia Lab (GAIM) is online, which is still quite good. This is the first blockchain-based music game, very creative.

Babbitt: Overall, blockchain games in 2019 are still in adversity. What is your motivation for long-term adherence?

Wu Xiao : Our pure white matrix has always been highly self-recognized. I think this is critical. You need to recognize your product and continue to create works that will satisfy you. If we say adversity, then we have always been in adversity. However, I think as long as there are players who like our ideas, we must work harder to make new explorations. We will also make more interesting explorations with the GAIM Lab to make blockchain games land in more fields.

Babbitt: Blockchain game practitioners seem to be more interesting and cute than people in other fields.

Wu Xiao : Maybe because the personnel of the blockchain game are relatively simple, everyone has something to do, and then they all work hard for it.

Babbitt: What to expect in 2020?

Wu Xiao : In fact, we have already made efforts in the middleware and developer ecosystem in 2019. Our ChainIDE is currently the world's largest cloud blockchain IDE . We think that 2020 will reach the stage of blockchain application landing. We look forward to more blockchain games landing, and we also expect our middleware system and ChainIDE ecosystem to serve more developers. .

Hu Yanfeng: It is a glory to establish a new business model for the chain tourism industry

Hu Yifeng is the founder of Game Farmer and the producer of "Dark Chain Youshen", which is one of the most concerned blockchain games in the past year. It is a MMORPG (large-scale Multiplayer online role-playing games), which allows players to make their own on-chain assets, and also have full digital assets, and users can independently price and trade independently.

Hu Yanfeng has 15 years of experience in the game industry, with an outgoing personality and a funny aspect. I remember in his speech at the Global Blockchain Game Ecology Conference held in Shanghai last year, he used the vow of "The Game of Rights" to prove his confidence and determination in blockchain games. (Ruthless), as follows:

Listen to my vows and testify to me: The night is coming, and I will watch from now until the dead. I will not marry a wife, no land, no children. I will not wear a crown, I will not fight for glory. I will do my duty to live and die in Sri Lanka.

Babbitt: What's the happiest thing in 2019?

Hu Yifeng : Of course, the happiest of all is that the general secretary gave a strong shot to the blockchain. For our team of blockchain applications, it is more firm that the blockchain is in line with the national strategic direction and also in line with the entire era. Development direction. In addition, in the game field, the happiest thing is that the dark chain Youshen was tested on December 1 last year. It is currently the top three masterpieces in the blockchain field. We won the Golden Finance Best Innovation Application Award at the end of the year. Won the best blockchain game award of the chain teahouse, the dark chain lived a thousand days, and all users are looking forward to the dark chain to shine in 2020. This should be the happiest thing.

Babbitt: Overall, blockchain games in 2019 are still in adversity. What is your motivation for long-term adherence?

Hu Yanfeng : The core idea of ​​the dark chain is to privatize user assets, liberalize transactions, and egoistic profits, and then create a new game business model of P2E (Pay to Earn). The motivation for us to continue is that we have the opportunity to build a new business model for the chain travel industry. This is a glory , and we hope to get this glory. For this reason, we would rather invest in the project ourselves, reject the ICO private placement, and do our own hard work, we must go on.

Babbitt: Blockchain game practitioners seem to be more interesting and cute than people in other fields.

Hu Yanfeng : Because gamers have always been fun. Gamers are a group of little kids who love fantasy, life, and the world. Even if they do chain games, the gamers are also such idealists. They hope that through fun and interesting games, everyone can feel the charm of the blockchain, feel the unprecedented game changes, and feel the intuitive blockchain applications. We are so cute!

Babbitt: What are your plans for 2020?

Hu Yanfeng : In 2020, the goal of the dark chain is to survive and to update more versions. We closed beta for 5 months and updated 18 versions. We hope that the dark chain will be able to update 18 more versions and survive the new hope. At present, we are still very weak, helpless, and the industry is very desolate, but if we persist and keep going, there should be hope.

Chen Haozhi: No single technology can bring disruptive changes to the gaming and entertainment industry

Chen Haozhi is the chairman of Touch Technology and the promoter of Cocos-BCX. Cocos-BCX is one of the high-profile public game chains in 2019. Its mainnet was officially launched on December 12, 2019. In addition to node recruitment and perfect ecological partnership, In addition to human policies, Cocos-BCX also provides comprehensive chain game development tools and environments.

Chen Haozhi is a veteran in the game industry and one of the most influential figures in the Chinese game industry. He has an extremely deep understanding and insight into games. This kind of depth is not bragging. There is a small partner in the Cocos-BCX team. At first, he was a reporter in the blockchain media. In an interview with Chen Haozhi, he was convinced by Chen Haozhi's personality charm and deep understanding of the game. Cocos-BCX was added later.

Babbitt: What's the happiest thing in 2019?

Chen Haozhi : First of all, the country started to promote the development of blockchain technology. In addition, we saw that the central bank began to deploy digital currencies, and some banks were testing digital wallets. In the past 2 years, although blockchain games have made a lot of progress, the key bottleneck is still the insufficient penetration of digital currencies in the traditional industry environment. This lack of user base is the core problem facing the blockchain game industry and the global public chain. If this problem cannot be effectively solved and there is no way to operate compliantly, then the development of blockchain games will be slower than everyone expected.

Our happiest is the placement game "Crypto Knights" developed by the Cocos-BCX main chain ecological team (Chain Play Hall) . It has a very high ranking on the Dapp.Review data platform and has thousands of daily users. . As a public chain development team, we attach great importance to high-quality development teams in the ecosystem. Babbitt: Overall, blockchain games in 2019 are still in adversity. What is your motivation for long-term adherence?

Chen Haozhi : Every industry has its own cycle, and in the development, someone needs to do some unpleasant things. One of the things Cocos-BCX has to do is to provide a friendly and complete infrastructure. After the mainnet launched last year, many game teams contacted us. In the face of adversity, we can only face it without him, and do what we are supposed to do. The motivation for long-term persistence is optimistic about the area where blockchain and games are combined. At the same time, we are also optimistic about the direction of games + blockchain + cloud + AI.

Babbitt: Blockchain game practitioners seem to be more interesting and cute than people in other fields, and this is not an isolated phenomenon.

Chen Haozhi : First of all, I think that the sincere blockchain practitioners are very interesting and cute. Everyone is willing to invest energy and money for the development of such idealistic technology as blockchain. Secondly, compared to practical, slightly icy areas such as finance, government affairs, copyright, etc., the game itself is relatively soft and a place to dream. One of the meanings of the existence of the game is to satisfy everyone's spiritual needs and allow people to breathe in a busy life. The person who can bring you this feeling is either full of love or seeing through something, Have enough insight into the player's mind.

Babbitt: What are your plans for 2020?

Chen Haozhi : Cocos-BCX's vision is to capitalize the content of the digital world, and content producers can establish a consistent value system with content consumers. We will still do it in 2020. At present, we will continue to improve the Cocos-BCX public chain and the NHAS-1808 non-homogeneous digital asset standard, etc., to make it more friendly to chain game developers, and will also connect the traditional game field, find more traffic entrances, and collaborate with industry partners Make the chain tour bigger together.

No single technology can bring subversive changes to the gaming and entertainment industry, and technology convergence is the general trend. When blockchain, cloud games, 5G, and AI technologies are merged, business cycles are formed, and the flywheel effect appears, it is possible to drive more developers to provide effective content; and more effective content and effective gameplay will bring More users; more users will reduce user acquisition costs; users will bring more demand. In this way, more developers can benefit and more platforms can participate. In fact, what we ultimately hope is to promote the rotation of the flywheel and allow more people to participate in the ecology. The next 5-10 years may be the most anticipated blockchain-based, 5G-based, cloud-based revolution to achieve everyone True self-actualization.

Niu Fengxuan: The blessing of capital has a very positive impact on the development of the blockchain game field

Niu Fengxuan is the founder and CEO of DappReview. DappReview is the first DApp ecological platform in China. It provides developers and users with DApp data, user insights and market data analysis. In December last year, Binance announced the acquisition of DappReview. After the acquisition was completed, DappReview will still operate under an independent brand.

Niu Fengxuan is a heavy gamer, obsessed with the game, and even made people doubt him for a time: How did a game addicted person achieve career success?

Babbitt: What's the happiest thing in 2019?

Niu Fengxuan : The happiest thing is to see that many overseas capitals are still actively deploying the blockchain game sector . In the past, most of the funds in the circle went to the infrastructure and protocol layers, and there was not much investment in the application layer. However, the large-scale implementation of a technology is ultimately to face users in the form of products. From this perspective, the attention and blessing of capital will undoubtedly have a very positive impact on the development of the blockchain game field.

Babbitt: Overall, blockchain games in 2019 are still in adversity. What is your motivation for long-term adherence?

Niu Fengxuan : DappReview is a service provider for Dapps and blockchain games. We have always hoped to help Dapp developers better landing products, acquire users, and achieve commercial success. At present, the industry is still in its infancy, and there is no successful business that can be copied Mode, we are constantly adjusting our strategies to help developers and achieve common development of both parties. In 2019, we saw the capital's favor for this industry, and also participated in multiple projects in different ways. The motivation for long-term adherence still comes from our optimism that the blockchain can empower the game industry. The factory is gradually entering the game.

Babbitt: I feel that practitioners of blockchain games are more interesting and cute than people in other fields, and this is not an isolated phenomenon.

Niu Fengxuan : As a deep game player, I want to say that this is the case for the game industry practitioners.

Babbitt: What to expect in 2020?

Niu Fengxuan : Focusing on the Dapp industry, deeply digging the data to provide practitioners with the most accurate and valuable data reports and market trends. Start from upstream with Binance to help and incubate potential Dapp projects and teams to promote the implementation of blockchain applications.

Zhang Xuan: Chain Tour will usher in a large-scale outbreak in 2020

Zhang Xuan is the founder and CEO of MixMarvel. MixMarvel is a blockchain-based game community and content platform. He has developed Ethereum's popular game, Cloud Dragon DragonDragons. This game is regarded as a model for asset-based blockchain games. , And teamed up with Ontology to create a blockchain game HyperSnakes that continues the core gameplay of Snake Snake. Emmmm, Zhang Xuan is too low-key, so I won't talk about it here.

Babbitt: What's the happiest thing in 2019?

Zhang Xuan : The happiest thing is to see a lot of developers emerging in the industry, all thinking about how to solve the problem of popular application of blockchain , and also have some results, providing many interesting solutions, which makes us more firm. It is confident that the mass adoption (large-scale outbreak) of chain games will be realized in 2020.

Babbitt: Overall, blockchain games in 2019 are still in adversity. What is your motivation for long-term adherence?

Zhang Xuan : The goal of MixMarvel in 2020 is to focus on the release of explosive blockchain games, and the prerequisite for creating explosives is to solve the user experience problem. Some solutions have also emerged in the industry in 2019, but they have not been systematically resolved. On the basis of integrating the industry's best solutions, MixMarvel also hatched the Layer-2 technology Rocket Protocol and MixMarvel SDKs. This series of technologies and services is to pave the way for creating phenomenal blockchain games.

Babbitt: Blockchain game practitioners seem to be more interesting and cute than people in other fields.

Zhang Xuan : Because we are all focused on building products, innovating technologies, and finding solutions, and the results of our efforts are obvious to all, the public can easily perceive the changes brought by blockchain through games. We can combine technology and content to drive innovation.

Babbitt: What to expect in 2020?

Zhang Xuan : We hope that the blockchain industry will have phenomenon-level applications in 2020, and our goal is to launch phenomenon-level applications.

We will continue to update Blocking; if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!


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