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why? How to do? 3.12 plunge tragic, industry insiders give these answers

Recently, global financial markets have fallen sharply, triggering a chain reaction. Stock markets, bond markets, popular commodities, and gold in various countries have not been spared. The factors that make up this crisis are very complex. In the short term , the black swan incident that the New Crown epidemic spread to the world, in […]

QKL123 market analysis | Halving and destruction, a bull market catalyst? (0303)

Summary: Since yesterday, the broader market has rebounded, and the performance of altcoins has been slightly stronger, but the inflow of OTC funds has slowed down, mainly in short-term fluctuations. Compared with the K line of mainstream platform coins, it can be found that the positive impact of the destruction on the project itself is […]

QKL123 market analysis | After bitcoin plunges, the halving market is over? 73 days countdown! (0228)

Summary: The broader market has rebounded, but Bitcoin has rebounded less strongly. At present, it is near the 200 moving average, or it will repeatedly test support. Judging from the historical performance, the favorable expectation of Bitcoin halving this time has not yet fully come out, which may be similar to the situation of the […]

QKL123 market analysis | Bitcoin plummets, contract liquidation, ETF rejected … Futures market is beyond imagination (0227)

Abstract: In the short term, after the market fell, oversold was serious, and over-the-counter capital inflows increased, and a rebound mode has now begun. Follow-up observations continue to see if the rebound can be completed. In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin's futures turnover was more than double the spot turnover, indicating that the futures market […]

QKL123 market analysis | At the tip of the iceberg of crypto assets, Hurun's wealth list ranks sixth (0226)

Abstract: The market changed rapidly, the altcoin fell sharply, bitcoin fell below the monthly trend line, the market shifted into a deep adjustment, and the panic mood increased, but the intensity of off-market capital inflows did not weaken, and the possibility of short-term fluctuations Larger. Today, the Hurun Global Wealth List announced that a total […]

Liquidation of $ 629 million! What happened behind Bitcoin's early morning diving of $ 850?

According to data provided by, at around 5 am on February 20, Beijing time, the price of bitcoin fell by $ 850 in a short period of time, from a high of $ 10,200 to a minimum of $ 9,350. As of press time, it has risen to Near $ 9630. This has also […]

BTC broke another $ 10,000, what is the real reason for the rise?

Source: Finance and Economics on-line financial title: "BTC breaks another 10,000 US dollars and halves distance less than 100 days" At 11 am on February 9th, BTC rose linearly to 11:14, officially broke the $ 10,000 mark, and rose by 2.81% in 24 hours. However, it dropped sharply after reaching 10,000 US dollars, and once […]

Market Analysis Report: Bitcoin fell under pressure, halving the bull market gradually drifting away?

Previous review BTC: BTC has a pressure drop, and the pressure is at the level of $8,300. There is a certain rebound demand in the short term. The BTC rebounded to a maximum of around $8,350 and is now under pressure again. ETH: ETH If you can't regain the $180 line in the short term, […]

Market Analysis Report: Bitcoin shocks down, market sentiment is stable

Previous review BTC: This week, BTC basically completed the rebound trend. In the short term, it entered the downside range. The power of many parties has not been completely lost. It will go out of a turbulent trend, but the overall trend of the market is still dominated by bearishness. The BTC is currently down […]

Quotes | BTC failed to gain a firm foothold, short-term market regression consolidation

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