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WHO, IBM and Microsoft jointly develop blockchain project MiPasa to build a hot map of people with new crown pneumonia infection

According to Decrypt on March 30, in order to make it easier for people to see if they have contacted anyone infected with the new crown virus COVID-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) and technology giants IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and the decentralized platform Hacera The collaboration created an open data blockchain hub. The aforementioned project, […]

Technical Guide 丨 How to implement off-chain storage on HyperLedger Fabric

The author of this article is Deeptiman Pattnaik, a development engineer working on various software development projects: Android, Go, Node.js, MongoDB, PHP, JavaScript Beacon, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality. In this article, I will try to explain the importance of OffChain storage in Hyperledger Fabric and the application of offchaindata, which is an application built to […]

Super Ledger Executive Director: Supply chain management and trade finance are two major directions for blockchain landing

Source: Daily Economic News Every reporter Liu Yongsheng Editor's Note: The original title was "Experts: Supply Chain Management and Trade Finance Are Two Major Directions for Blockchain Implementation" Blockchain is currently the technology that people are most concerned about. In the field of blockchain, Hyperledger super ledger is undoubtedly one of the outstanding alliance chain […]

Industry Blockchain Weekly: Banks Take the Lead, Hainan's Policies Are Most Aggressive

This week's weekly development of the industry blockchain is presented from three dimensions: application landing, industrial policy, and listed company dynamics. In the application landing, bank data is eye-catching. Only the cross-border financial blockchain service platform in which China Banknotes Credit Card participated in lending funds exceeded 66 billion yuan. In terms of industrial policies, […]

BTC daily line continues to close overcast, short-term retracement continues

Author | Hash Pie Analytics Team

Monthly Report | Cryptocurrency Financing in November: STO and IEO with stagnation of ICO

Text: Interchain Pulse · King Go Source: Interchain Pulse In November, the financing amount of IEO and STO was zero again. This is the fourth time that the STO's financing amount in the year is zero, and it is the second time that the IEO's financing amount is zero. Interchain Pulse According to statistics from […]

From technology open source to industry connection, Babbitt Academy and Weizhong Bank hold blockchain open course

After the eighteenth collective study on the current status and trends of blockchain technology development on October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the industry has rapidly set off a wave of blockchain research and application. "My phone is about to be blown up", "I also received a lot of information here, […]

Coinbase Early Product Manager: Learn Crypto Corporate Governance from ZCash, Tezos, Melon

Original title: Crypto Corporate Governance Written by: Linda Xie, co-founder of blockchain investment agency Scalar Capital, early product manager at Coinbase Compilation: Perry Wang Source: Chain News Disappointed with the information on the corporate structure of the cryptocurrency industry on the market, I decided to analyze some of the high-profile projects myself to see how […]

Is Bitcoin still overvalued after the crash?

Source: LongHash Recently, the price of Bitcoin has fallen sharply, once falling to around $ 6,500, a new low in the second half of 2019. However, at the same time, we see that LongHash's mainstream currency valuation model still shows that Bitcoin is in a relatively high valuation range. LongHash uses the current mainstream Metcalfe's […]

Blockchain 丨 Bakkt CEO will become Georgia senator, Bitcoin is expected to enter mainstream US politics

Kelly Loeffler, CEO of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Exchange, a parent company of the New York Stock Exchange Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), has been approved by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and will be seated in the state ’s Senate next week. Bakkt head enters Senate, causes controversy Loeffler will replace his former candidate, U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, […]