Understanding the Opside ZK-PoW Algorithm Mechanism and Potential: How to Improve ZKP Generation Efficiency by 80%?

Opside ZK-PoW Algorithm Mechanism and Potential: Improving ZKP Generation Efficiency by 80%

Decentralized ZK-RaaS platform Opside has proposed a ZK-PoW algorithm that can be used for scalability and future AI applications, and provides new mining scenarios for idle miners. Opside has outlined the mechanism and potential of this algorithm in a brief overview.

With the maturity of ZK scalable technology, especially the gradual implementation of zkEVM in the next few years, the number of ZK Rollups will increase significantly. Centralized validators will bring the following issues: 1) high verification costs and the need for professional equipment and facilities to maintain a centralized validator cluster, which not all ZK Rollup operators have the ability to maintain; 2) if there is only one validator, a node failure may cause the entire ZK Rollup transaction to be unconfirmed, and we need a decentralized mechanism to encourage multiple miners to participate in ZKP calculations and receive corresponding rewards; 3) finally, we need a standardized ZKP optimization algorithm to improve overall hardware efficiency.

Opside ZK-PoW algorithm: 1) Opside adopts a hybrid consensus of PoS and PoW. In the Pre-Alpha testing phase, based on the PoW algorithm, each Rollup in the Opside block will submit a sequence according to certain rules. The PoW reward of the current block is allocated between various sequences based on the number of registered Rollup slots and the number of included batches. Miners can freely choose to participate in ZKP calculations for one or more Rollups. In addition, to prevent malicious behavior by miners, miners need to register and pledge tokens in a special contract; 2) In order to encourage multiple miners to participate in ZKP calculations at the same time, Opside proposes a two-step submission ZKP verification mechanism. Multiple miners are allowed to participate in zero-knowledge proof calculations within a specific time window of a sequence, and then submit the original proof and verify it based on the hash of the previously submitted proof. Miners who pass the verification will be eligible for PoW rewards; 3) In order to prevent malicious behavior, Opside’s ZKP two-step submission algorithm adopts a submit-then-verify mode, eliminating the need for unnecessary aggregation calculation of proof and address. This mode realizes ZKP parallel calculation and sequential submission, allowing miners to perform multiple ZKP generation tasks simultaneously, which accelerates the efficiency of ZKP generation. In addition, the Opside team has optimized the ZKP recursive aggregation algorithm to maximize the use of cluster resources and further improve ZKP calculation speed.

Reference: https://mirror.xyz/opsidezk.eth/rgovFrpGSDH87Hqxkm3CrqHV_QSALiYRNPo_JPy5UZ0

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