Zhao Changpeng’s strategic layout opBNB and its dark horse MEKE.

Zhao Changpeng's strategic layout of BNB and the promising MEKE.

Last Friday, BSCDaily, a Twitter account dedicated to introducing featured projects on the BSC chain, released a new member image for the August opBNB ecosystem. Binance founder Zhao Changpeng retweeted this message immediately. As the next strategic layout, opBNB will not only lead Binance to a new stage of development, but the projects shown in this image also have the potential to bring the same explosive response to Binance as BTT did in the bear market.

Among them, MEKE, which will be the focus of today’s discussion, is included in the image. But before introducing MEKE, let’s first understand why Layer2 projects can continue to develop and create waves in the bear market, and what makes opBNB, the underlying Layer2 project for MEKE, special.

The Layer2 track is full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Zksync has been online for only six months since its launch on the mainnet, with a total profit of over $23.5 million. Arbitrum, which was launched in March and April, directly distributed tokens to early participants, and professional token airdrop teams made millions of dollars from this. Optimism initiated two rounds of token airdrops, and there are big brothers in the community who received 30,000 OP airdrops. If they sold at the peak of 3.29, they would have made a net profit of over 700,000, and even at the lowest point of 0.396, they would still have over 80,000 in income. At the end of July, Coinbase’s Layer2 network Base launched a meme coin called BALD, which skyrocketed overnight, achieving a thousand-fold increase. Although BALD eventually lost its value, it made Base well-known with one shot.

And this is just the beginning of the carnival. Whether it is Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Aptos, or Sui, whether it is a well-established leading public chain or an emerging star public chain, they will all have more than one Layer2 solution of their own. Each solution will be implemented as a project, and the tokens of each project will bring a small climax to the entire market. At the same time, projects built on Layer2 will also emerge explosively, reproducing the effects of the 2018 cryptocurrency investment and the 2021 DeFi frenzy.

Among all Layer2 projects, opBNB, based on Binance Smart Chain, is still to be launched, but it is already attracting the attention of individual investors and token airdrop teams. While interacting with opBNB, everyone will inevitably pay attention to which project in the opBNB ecosystem has the potential to become a dark horse. Once identified, they will obtain dual benefits of opBNB and the project. If you really do this, you will definitely notice MEKE.

Regardless of which crypto ecosystem, the “first” product always has a symbolic demonstration effect. As the first decentralized derivatives trading protocol on opBNB, MEKE demonstrates its powerful capabilities from all perspectives.

Firstly, from the market planning perspective, the derivatives trading market holds enormous development potential. Although the derivatives trading market does not have as wide a user base as the recently discussed spot ETFs, in the eyes of professionals engaged in derivatives trading, the market’s significant volatility is filled with massive wealth opportunities, especially since investors in the crypto market themselves have a higher risk appetite. Data analyst Emperor Osmo predicts that the revenue of the cryptocurrency derivatives market will increase from the current $960 million to $231.2 billion by 2030. This will bring continuous and increasing profits to MEKE.

In addition to initially focusing on the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin and Ethereum as the initial business, MEKE’s future scope will expand to include bulk commodities such as gold, foreign exchange, and US Treasury bonds. Integrating real-world assets and traditional financial assets into the operation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies will be the obvious trend in financial development.

If the development of the encrypted derivatives market itself is vertical growth, then expanding the underlying assets of derivatives achieves large-scale financial integration. These two moves by MEKE will bring broader opportunities to the entire crypto industry.

Secondly, as a decentralized exchange, MEKE has stronger security compared to traditional centralized exchanges. MEKE ensures that every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and relies on smart contracts to complete all transaction operations, making all actions transparent and reducing human intervention. MEKE actively responded to industry calls and submitted its code for review by the security organization Certik, and passed successfully.

The drawbacks of decentralization, such as “low efficiency and slow speed,” which have always been criticized by centralization, have also been properly addressed by MEKE. With the expansion solution of the second-layer network opBNB, MEKE achieves a block time of 1 second, a transfer gas fee as low as $0.005, and over 4000 TPS, surpassing the performance of existing scalability solutions.

During the entire public beta period, a large number of users flocked to MEKE for airdrops every day. Especially for MEKE’s Airdrop 2, after users meet the conditions for Airdrop 2, they can not only receive valuable MEKE token airdrops, but also obtain WMEKE by inviting users to participate in public beta, which can be directly traded for USDT on Uniswap. Currently, many users have obtained thousands or even tens of thousands of WMEKE through Airdrop 2 and exchanged them for thousands to tens of thousands of USDT. Many users have made considerable profits through Airdrop 2.

MEKE’s public beta airdrops are divided into three phases, and the earlier users participate, the more and more cost-effective the airdrops they will receive. The second phase of MEKE’s public beta ended on September 6th. Users who want to participate still have only one day left, and time is very limited. After the public beta of MEKE ends, it will go live on the opBNB mainnet and open airdrop claims. Will it cause another sensation in the market and bring substantial profit returns to early testers? Let’s wait and see!

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