A Quick Look at Q2 Cryptocurrency Venture Capital Overview, What Projects is Bankless Paying Attention to?

Q2 Crypto VC Overview: Bankless Faves?

According to Pitchbook data, in the second quarter of 2023, cryptocurrency startups raised $2.34 billion through 382 transactions, marking the fifth consecutive quarter of decline since the first quarter of 2022. Bankless has compiled a list of crypto projects that raised funds in the second quarter of this year and selected three noteworthy projects.

Mythical Games raised $37 million in funding. Reason for attention: “NFL Rivals” developed by Mythical Games in collaboration with the NFL and the NFL Players Association ranks 11th in the top free sports games on the App Store. From the perspective of native crypto games, this is a solid market penetration rate, and Mythical Games seems to have a legitimate chance of becoming a developer of the game.

Taiko raised $22 million in funding. Reason for attention: The Taiko team is building a Type 1 zkEVM Layer 2 rollup solution equivalent to Ethereum, which will allow developers to seamlessly deploy Ethereum smart contracts onto the chain. Although it is not clear whether strict adherence to Ethereum standards is a winning strategy, Taiko is a contrarian bet in a world dominated by non-EVM rollups.

Maverick Protocol raised $9 million in funding. Reason for attention: The traditional AMM method leads to highly unpredictable losses for retail LPs and provides too little return. Centralized liquidity architectures like Uniswap V3 can only be profitable for professional market makers. By allowing targeted price deviations to provide liquidity, Maverick is helping retail LPs make a profit.

Reference: https://www.bankless.com/do-vcs-still-care-about-crypto

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