Ant Financial Services will change! New CEO: Blockchain is one of Ant Financial's fintech application chassis

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Introduction: Ant Financial is the "main position" of Alibaba's blockchain. There are currently more than 100 landing projects and more than 40 scenarios involved.

Today, Ant Financial CEO has changed. Hu Xiaoming (Sun Quan) will be the CEO of Ant Financial . Former Ant Financial CEO Jing Xiandong will focus on Ant Financial's market globalization business. At the same time, Cheng Li (Lu Su) will no longer serve as the CTO of Ant Financial and the COO of Ant Financial International Group. He will be transferred to the CTO of Alibaba Group. Hu Xi (Axi) will be the CTO of Ant Financial.

Hu Xiaoming joined the Alibaba Group in June 2005 and has held important positions in Alipay, Ali Financial, and Ant Financial, and previously held financial institutions such as China Construction Bank and China Everbright Bank.

The following is his brief experience at Alibaba:

In 2009, Hu Xiaoming started his own business within Alibaba, created Alibaba Finance, and used big data technology to provide credit services to small and micro enterprises, and for the first time allowed credit to replace mortgages;

In November 2014, Mr. Hu Xiaoming became President of Alibaba Cloud. Under the leadership of Hu Xiaoming, Alibaba Cloud has continued to maintain rapid growth and has begun its globalization journey to become Asia's largest and top three global cloud computing companies;

In November 2018, he served as president of Ant Financial Group;

In October 2019, he served as Chairman of Tianhong Fund Company and Chairman of Netcom Bank.

Hu Xiaoming once stated that the Internet, big data and computing capabilities are the cornerstones of Ant Financial's financial innovation; the four "technical" capabilities of data intelligence, intelligent risk control, blockchain and biometrics are the chassis of Ant Financial's comprehensive application .

Ant Financial is the "main position" of Alibaba's blockchain. The Ant blockchain mainly focuses on the three major parts of on-chain finance, on-chain retail, and on-chain life.At present, great progress has been made in finance, government affairs, people's livelihood and basic blockchain services. Its distributed financial architecture SOFAStack , Mobile development platform mPaaS, financial distributed database OceanBase, ant blockchain BaaS, secure computer platform and other related products, more than 100 landing projects, involving more than 40 scenarios.

The following is the full text of Jing Xiandong's internal mail:

Dear Ant students,

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Alibaba and the 15th anniversary of Alipay. From the introduction of a secured transaction mechanism 15 years ago to solve the problem of distrust between buyers and sellers on , new technologies including blockchain technology have been used to solve the problem of trust . For 15 years, we have been dying of the human society problem of "trust". We believe that using digital technology to solve this problem can greatly reduce the cost of trust in the business field and help "let the world have no difficult business". Things are getting closer to reality.

With the business of Ali and Ant gradually going global, we also find that the world is big and the demand is big. Consumers and small businesses in many countries are demanding digital technology far more strongly than expected. In the context of global new technology changes, how to meet this far-out demand and help them realize value creation is a challenge that Ali and Ant need to meet together.

Facing the challenge, we bravely move forward! After careful consideration, we made the following decision:

  1. The future of global markets will exceed our imagination, and I need to put more effort into this. As Chairman of Ant Financial, Ant International Business Group, Intelligent Technology Business Group, HR, Finance and Strategic Investment will report directly to me. At the same time, Zhao Ying (Xue Xue) will serve as the president of Ant Financial International Business Group and assist me in promoting the globalization process. Doug has served as co-president of Ant Financial International Business Group, responsible for international strategic cooperation, international strategic investment and post-investment governance of the investee company, and promoting the development of credit technology and products.
  1. Hu Xiaoming (Sun Quan) became the CEO of Ant Financial. I no longer serve as the CEO of Ant Financial. The Alipay business group, digital financial business group, CTO line, CMO line, large security line, smart customer funds department, comprehensive risk management department, customer service and rights protection department, and other mid- and back-office lines all report to Sun Quan. As a veteran of Alipay, a pioneer of ant's small and micro enterprise credit, and a promoter of Alibaba Cloud, Sun Quan will use his abundant enthusiasm, excellent leadership and rich technical commercialization experience to lead the team into the growing domestic demand market and help more Multi-service industries have realized digital upgrading and development. Sun Quan reports to me.
  2. Cheng Li (Lu Su) no longer serves as the CTO of Ant Financial and the COO of Ant Financial International Group, and is reassigned to the CTO of Alibaba Group . Thanks to Lu Su for leading Ant's technology to a world-leading level, and for leading the international team to realize Ant global Significant advancement of strategy, congratulations on moving to a larger battlefield! Hu Xi (Axi) will serve as the CTO of Ant Financial and report to Sun Quan. At the same time, Lu Su, as the vice chairman of the technical committee, will give professional guidance to Axi's work. As the representative of the company's post-80s managers, I hope that Axi can take greater responsibility in the future!

The appointments will take effect today.

Ant people, facing the future, the only certainty is its uncertainty. But anyway, because of trust, it's simple. Because I believe, I see. Together, we can create and see a better future together!

Jing Xiandong

Chairman of Ant Financial Group

December 19, 2019

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