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Fujimoto Shinichi, nicknamed Miss Bitcoin, English name Mai. Founder of Bitcoin donation site Kizuna, Japanese cryptocurrency Big V. She has been paying attention to Bitcoin since 2010, met Roger Ver in 2011, and started using Bitcoin for charitable donations under the advice of Roger Ver. At present, Bitcoin donation site Kizuna has helped more than 3,000 students. WechatIMG774

(Pictures from left to right: Fujimoto Shinichi, Babbitt International Station, Jia Xiaobei)

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  Goodbye: How was your life before you became Miss Bitcoin? How old were you then?

  Mai: Before entering the blockchain industry, I made a website called "Child Watch". We took many pictures of children and posted them on this website.

  The children ’s smiles are very cute, so I started to consider setting up a donation platform to donate to the world, but the procedure for donating abroad is very expensive. I was lucky I met Roger and he told me that there are almost no fees for sending money with Bitcoin and we can send money easily.

  Xiaobie: What year was that?

  Mai: About eight years ago, 2010.

  Xiaobie: how old were you at that time

  Mai: It's a secret (laughs)-I was 26 at the time.

  Xiaobei: I look at your information, the most amazing thing is that you have made a website Kizuna that donates with Bitcoin, and helped more than 3,000 students. Did anyone question you at the beginning of this?

  Mai: As mentioned earlier, I work for the content of the website, and I see a lot of children laugh, so I want to help a little bit more, and then I decided to build a donation platform. Before I created the donation platform, someone said I was a liar . It was 2010 and no one knew about Bitcoin, and it was difficult for me to donate with Bitcoin.

  I decided to promote bitcoin in Japan. I told the Japanese potential of bitcoin. I launched the Youtube channel and wrote a blog about the potential of bitcoin. In 2017, I created a donation platform. After I created the donation platform, someone understood me.

  Xiaobei: How do you use Bitcoin to help students, you can never give Bitcoin directly to students, right?

  Mai: I mainly support educational projects, I choose good NGOs, and I put their QR code for Bitcoin payments on my website. I am responsible for promoting and introducing our project so that everyone can donate through our website. They can be used to buy things and spend money on teachers. WechatIMG772

Note: You come to our summit (the second World Blockchain Conference). As you can see, everyone is talking more about blockchain than Bitcoin, or other digital currencies. The application of blockchain technology is becoming more and more mainstream. Do you worry that as a person in the currency circle, you may be abandoned by the blockchain industry?

  Mai: I always worry about it, and I feel stressed every day. I'm working hard to keep learning. I need to learn more about blockchain and English, and many other things that I need to learn. I don't want to give up. In this industry, I chase wildly because it is necessary in my life.

  Xiaobei: In Japan, is the division of chain and currency circles obvious?

  Mai: Yes, speculators are mainly interested in market fluctuations. Crypto speculators are primarily concerned with price, while blockchain circles are concerned with technology and what is best.

  Xiaobei: You entered the industry very early. Do you have any guesses about who Satoshi Nakamoto is?

  Mai: I think Satoshi Nakamoto is the artificial intelligence from the future that makes the world peaceful (serious face), joking (laughs).

  I think Satoshi is more important than who Satoshi Nakamoto is. Bitcoin is very decentralized, and if we know who Satoshi is, I don't think it's a good thing.

  Xiaobei: In 2014, the Japanese exchange MT · Gox was stolen. It is said that 24,000 people were lost. Did you deposit money in MT · Gox and did you suffer losses?

  Mai: I put Bitcoin in another wallet and I haven't lost my Bitcoin.

  Xiaobie: Has anyone lost money around you?

  Mai: Some of my friends lost Bitcoin, and that was sad. However, because of this, many people in Japan first learned about Bitcoin. This is a kind of promotion, everyone is beginning to care about what is bitcoin.

  Xiaobei: In April 2019, Mt. Gox gave a compensation plan. What do you think of this compensation plan?

  Mai: Sorry, I can't comment. Because the compensation plan is still ongoing, nothing has been decided. WechatIMG771

Small difference: Bitcoin should be forked in 2016, divided into BTC and BCH. Did you participate in the expansion battle at that time, and who did you support?

  Mai: Actually I don't support either party. Hard forks no longer exist, and Bitcoin Cash has hard forks again recently.

  But 2016 was the first hard fork, and everyone was confused, and of course I was confused. But in Japan, there is not enough information about BCH. To learn more about BCH, I must study BCH, otherwise I cannot talk about BCH and I cannot choose. I learn BTC and BCH at the same time, which is fair.

  I interviewed Samson Mow and Luke Dash jr from BTC. I interviewed Roger Ver and Wu Jihan from BCH. I think it is very important to listen to the opinions of both parties, and I also share with Japanese society, including the world.

  Xiaobei: Do you like your current identity and role? For the future, do you have any new plans that you can tell us?

  Mai: Yes, I like the identity of Miss Bitcoin. I work for social welfare, but donating is not the purpose. The next step, I want to contribute to building a trust-based society. In this society, everyone will be rewarded.

  Since I met Bitcoin and blockchain, I have met many friends from all over the world. My life is similar to the concept of blockchain, my lifestyle is to connect people with each other. I want to continue to connect people and work together. This is my plan for the future.

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