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On December 24, 2019, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. released the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 50 Index, with an index code of 399,286. The index is referred to as "Blockchain 50." =

Risk warning: regulatory policy risks, market trend risks


1 What is the SZSE Blockchain 50 Index?

The Market Index is a measure of the value of an investment portfolio composed of a basket of assets with similar characteristics. It is a powerful tool for describing the overall price level and changes of an investment portfolio. The stock market index is a measure of the value of a portfolio of stocks of listed companies with similar characteristics. The compilation, calculation and release of market indexes are generally carried out by professional index vendors in accordance with the formulated schemes. Most indices are calculated based on a weighted average of the prices of the constituent assets.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange Blockchain 50 Index is a special type of stock market index. The stocks of the sample space are composed of the stocks of companies involved in the upstream and downstream business of the blockchain industry. Its business fields cover all aspects of hardware equipment, technology and services, and blockchain applications, and are comprehensive and representative.

The Blockchain 50 Index is calculated in real time on a daily basis using the Pax weighted method based on the following formula.

The base date of the index is December 31, 2012, and the base point is 1000 points. The stocks entering the sample selection space must be non-ST, * ST, and A shares that have been listed for more than 6 months.

The index sample stocks are adjusted semi-annually on a regular basis and will be implemented on the next trading day on the second Friday of June and December each year. The sample adjustment plan was announced two weeks before implementation.

Significance of the Index: Industry Barometer, Investors' Value Beacon

Different from the positioning of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange mainly targets the small and medium-sized board market, with service to small and medium enterprises as the core. As one of the two major domestic stock exchanges, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has been fighting at the forefront of China's multi-level capital market system, and is the core force to promote the implementation of a national strategy of independent innovation. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange compiled the Blockchain 50 Index, indicating that it is optimistic about the development trend of the blockchain industry. Since the eighteenth collective study in October this year, the current status and trends of blockchain technology have been discussed, and the importance of blockchain technology in China has been increasing. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange has determined to include the blockchain industry in its embrace, and has publicly stated that it has a long-term optimism about the blockchain industry and related businesses.

The Blockchain 50 Index is a barometer of the industry and an indicator for investors to make value investments. The Blockchain 50 Index shows the development of the real economy that has been empowered by the blockchain, and can bring investors easy-to-obtain and professional value investment information. From a macro perspective, the compilation of the Blockchain 50 Index is of great significance to break through the limitations of old-style economic growth and provide new momentum for economic growth in the new era.

3 CTII and Blockchain 50: Describe industry characteristics in different dimensions, which can effectively complement each other

Indexes are the "barometer" and "wind vane" of the market, while industry indexes are important tools for investment analysis, performance evaluation, asset allocation and indexed investment in subdivided industries.

As an emerging market, blockchain has long lacked scientific industry classification standards and professional industry indexes. In June 2019, Tokenlink released two blockchain indexes, T10 and T10X; on September 23, Tokenlink and ChaiNext jointly released the CTII blockchain industry index , filling the gap in the blockchain industry index and promoting The development of the blockchain industry is an important sign that the blockchain industry is moving towards compliance, specialization and popularity.

Three months after the CTII industry index was released, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange 50 Index was born. As far as the traditional securities market is concerned, the industry index has four important meanings: investment analysis, performance evaluation, asset allocation and indexed investment . The blockchain industry index also has these four basic functions.

The Blockchain 50 Index and CTII Index characterize the industry from different dimensions, and the two can effectively complement each other. The release of the Blockchain 50 Index reflects that traditional financial circles are paying more and more attention to blockchain technology, and the influence of the blockchain is expanding at an alarming rate; CTII, as the industry's leading professional research institution and index, is released The index compiled by the institution relies on the unique BICS (Blockchain Industry Classification Standard) blockchain industry classification standard to accurately describe the current complex and changing characteristics of the blockchain industry, and to help investors find investment logic in different industries from another dimension. Provide professional and credible tools for investors to make indexed investments.

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