Quickly learn about 18 new projects in recent times: DeFi, games, and tools

Discover 18 new DeFi projects, games, and tools quickly.

Cryptocurrency researcher Fungi Alpha summarized 18 DeFi, Web3 games, and tool projects that have been recently launched or will be launched soon. The concepts or protocols involved include BRC-20, Uniswap, P2E, Internet Computer, Arbitrum, Polygon, etc. The report was published by Baze Research Institute as follows:

1. Talos

Related link: https://twitter.com/TalosOmnichain

Talos is an automated liquidity optimization strategy based on Uniswap V3 and Hermes V2 (a full-chain DEX).

Built by MaiaDAO, MaiaDAO is also the developer of Hermes. You can keep an eye on the ecosystem built by MaiaDAO:

2. Diatomix

Related link: https://www.diatomix.xyz/

Diatomix is a DeFi protocol that aims to enable liquidity providers to effectively hedge against impermanent losses.

Diatomix has two products:

– Volatility trading: Diatomix has created a token-based volatility token, and LPs can lend their LP tokens to Diatomix to earn additional APY (about 7-15%) and become the issuer of volatility tokens. DeFi traders can speculate on the volatility of any token pair and buy corresponding volatility tokens to hedge against impermanent losses.

– Value hedging: Allows LPs to earn APY without being affected by market fluctuations.

3. Tectum

Related link: https://tectum.io/

Tectum is a Bitcoin L2 expansion solution that uses a Proof of Utility consensus mechanism.

Tectum’s native token $TET will be launched soon and can be whitelisted for public sale on the official website. If you want to buy tokens earlier, you can participate in their voting activity on DAOMaker: https://daomaker.com/comBlockingny/tectum

4. Stuble Upon Rumble

Related link: https://stumbleuponrumble.com/

Stuble Upon Rumble is a street-style P2E game. The game’s graphics reminded me of WWF’s performance on GameBoy in 1994.

On May 25th, there will be 1500 free Boxing Glove NFTs available for minting.

5. Ryze.Fi

Related link: https://www.ryze.fi/?ref=twitter

Ryze.Fi is a binary options platform built on Arbitrum. There may be an airdrop, so joining the waiting list on the official website is not a bad idea.

6. Glow

Related link: https://glowlabs.org/

Glow is a new proof of work mechanism L1 that incentivizes the creation of carbon credits by rewarding solar panel operators with tokens. There is currently no detailed information available, but interested parties can subscribe on the official website.

7. Centaurs

Related link: https://launchcentaurs.eth.limo/

Centaurs is an AI DAO platform that allows you to train AIs with the community, own them, and sell them. There is currently no detailed information available, but early access can be obtained by joining the TG group.

8. Valory

Related link: https://www.valory.xyz/

If you are interested in AI+Web3, Valory is definitely the company you want to get in touch with. For example, one of their products, Governatooorr, is an autonomous AI service for DAO proposals.

9. Arcania

Related link: https://agustinrudegar.com/arcania

Arcania is an NFT-driven RPG built on Polygon where you can customize your character.

10. Pudgy Swap

Related link: https://pudgyswap.com/

Pudgy Swap is a peer-to-peer trading protocol built specifically for the NFT series Pudgy Penguins.

11. Opsin

Related link: https://opsin.finance/

According to the official statement, Opsin is a “full-chain modular DeFi trading terminal.” There is currently no further information available. If it is a full-chain, modular DeFi protocol that includes trading, that would be great.

12. Pseudo

Related link: https://www.pseudo.market/

Pseudo is a full-chain domain market that provides users with services to register, trade, display, and manage popular domains (such as ENS, UnstopBlockingble Domains, and Lens).

13. Ezio Finance

Related link: https://app.ezio.finance/

Ezio Finance provides stablecoin derivatives + DeFi structured products:

– Token trading

– USDE, a derivative of USDC that can generate real returns while preserving principal

– 2x leveraged wstETH

The current test version of the dApp is live on Arbitrum. However, participation should be cautious as there is currently no code audit.

14. Sugarcane

Related link: https://www.sugarcane.app/

Sugarcane is a platform that makes cryptocurrency and DeFi simple and easy for beginners to use. The beta version will be released in the coming weeks, and you can join the waiting list on the official website.

There is currently no detailed information, but I speculate that Sugarcane may be a competitor to Instadapp Avocado.

15.Ordinal Observer

Related link: https://twitter.com/OrdinalObserver

Ordinal Observer is an upcoming Ordinals inscription browser, and given the growing popularity of BRC-20 and Ordinals, this platform is worth paying attention to.

16.Emmet Finance

Related link: https://emmet.finance/

Emmet Finance is a DeFi protocol, but with a user-friendly interface as its development focus, providing cross-chain bridges, token trading, staking, mining, and other functions.

They are currently looking for a social media manager, so if you are qualified, please check out their tweet.

17. BRC Bridge

Related link: https://twitter.com/BRCBridge

BRC Bridge is a cross-chain infrastructure with a focus on BRC-20 tokens, aiming to connect BRC-20 with other L1 and L2.

Currently, the heat of BRC-20 continues to rise, and this platform deserves long-term attention.

18. Cluster

Related link: https://twitter.com/ClusterProtocol

Cluster is the first DeFi yield aggregator built on the Internet Computer, and will prioritize the integration of ckBTC and ckETH. Benefiting from the advantages of the Internet Computer’s reverse gas model (gas fees are paid by application developers), low computing and storage costs, and infinite scalability, Cluster is worth long-term attention.

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