Guangzhou City issued "Several Measures to Accelerate the Creation of a Digital Economy Innovation Leading City", many of which are related to blockchain

According to the official website of the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, recently, Guangzhou issued the first digital economy innovation development program document-"Guangzhou City to accelerate the creation of digital economy innovation-led cities" measures (hereinafter referred to as "measures"). "Measures" proposes a number of measures related to blockchain, including:

1. Create an efficient, convenient, stable and transparent business environment with "Blockchain + government services", promote "reduction of processes, materials, time, and costs", realize "zero meeting, zero door-to-door", and promote the revolution of government services Sexual process reengineering. Support Huangpu District to build a demonstration area of ​​government service blockchain application, and form a replicable experience to promote it nationwide.

2. Explore the establishment of a new type of government information resource sharing platform with blockchain technology as the core, formulate government information resource catalogs and government information sharing catalogs, and gradually build data collection, aggregation, processing, sharing, opening, application and authorization operation rules Government data sets in credit, transportation, medical and other fields are classified and desensitized and open.

3. Vigorously promote the use of blockchain technology to achieve the sharing of electronic medical records and electronic prescriptions and traceability of medical products.

4. Huangpu District (Yuzhu District) accelerates the construction of a demonstration area of ​​famous Chinese software cities featuring blockchain, and supports enterprises to accelerate independent research and development of the underlying core technologies of the blockchain.

5. Strengthen the application of blockchain technology, and support security service providers such as security operation and maintenance, security consulting, and security certification to coordinate the promotion of equipment security, control security, network security, platform security, and data security capabilities.

6. Accelerate the integration of cultural tourism, transportation, commercial retail, medical and health scenes and digital technologies such as blockchain.

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