Lava Interpretation: Fearless Winter, Opening a New Blue Ocean of PoC

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The second half of 2019 will be a difficult year for digital currency players and project owners. As the heat of IEO gradually dissipates and various regulatory policies are introduced, the digital currency market, which has just recovered somewhat, has returned to the cold winter night. Since the big bull market in 2017, the blockchain has gradually entered everyone's horizons, but the good times are not long, and the currency circle has quickly entered a bear market. A large number of media, the project party closed down or ran away because of lack of funds and no profitable way. Lava, a decentralized digital encryption protocol based on PoC (Proof of Space Capacity), emerged in such a context, attracting miners to access with the innovative Firestone consensus and the root of trust as a global storage space and the vision of a top-level index directory Come into this big ecology.

Facing the moment, Lava does not cater to the market to make changes

New things are always struggling with people's suspicions, just like the Hypertext Protocol (HTTP), which was highly suspected in the first place, is ultimately a milestone for the rapid development of the Internet industry. The same is true of the blockchain world. Starting from Bitcoin's PoW, various geeks and laboratories are committed to researching consensus algorithms with high efficiency, high stability, and security. Until now, various new algorithms such as PoS, DPOS, and PoC have appeared on the development history of the blockchain. As a unicorn on the PoC circuit, Lava is even more convinced that the bear market is a springboard to improve technology, ecology, and enhance users. In the end, it can play its due role. Users and the market will dominate the price fluctuations. Now that many PoC projects on the market have been propagated through various media and big V platforms after going online, the price will increase several times or even dozens of times in the short term. It is simply a way to lure leeks into the market by means of a capital disk. The project party finished cashing out and the end user and the miner were harvested, causing serious losses. Lava does not want to cater to such a market, and a short period of time to go public for harvesting is the practice of most project parties. Lava must achieve long-term development and promote the development of this field. Only by advancing technological innovation, and finally realizing the application on the ground, and the great development of ecology, is the most correct thing. Just like the early entrepreneurs of the Internet, eventually leading an era. What Lava wants to do is to really promote a breakthrough in the PoC field and eventually get dividends from it. This is why Lava will eventually stand out from most Poc projects. .

Homecoming, Lava changes the future of PoC with technology

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Facing the current harsh market environment, Lava will not make other adjustments due to market reasons, let alone do something that caters to the market, miners or users. In the winter, what Lava should do now is to perfect her own technology and normally promote the progress of the project. Everyone is aware that since the launch of the mainnet, the entire project in the code base has been progressing in an orderly manner. During this special time, the project development will continue to be promoted. For example, as an innovation-oriented blockchain project, Lava's code base on Github is open source. Especially at the moment, the code activity of most popular projects is decreasing, and it can be seen from the code base that up to now, a large number of contributors have participated in the contribution of the code. Based on btc's codebase, retaining cryptography system, utxo, private key address system, and making all-round changes in the consensus mechanism, this is quite active in open source blockchain projects, which also shows that Lava is in China will also work harder. At the same time, we look at some other popular projects that are mainly focused on PoC but have not open sourced them for various reasons. This is in line with the spirit of the Blockchain Code is law, and the project can be modified at any time. In the improvement of the code base, we also developed a more focused external feedback mechanism, LVIP, to allow developers to better communicate and collaborate with users, and to improve BUG and user experience in a timely manner.

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At present, there are not many projects on the market about the concept of PoC. Looking at popular public chains, anonymous protocols, and cross-chain project code update frequency, many projects like Lava are indeed difficult to see. Lava is still not afraid to slacken in the cold winter of the currency circle, the frequency of code updates is steadily moving forward, and she speaks with facts.

Courageous, leading miners to the dawn of dawn

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Our miner supporters still choose to fight alongside us in the face of the cold winter. Lava's computing power has been stabilized at 500P with the support of several large mining pools, which is very proud. For the current state of the PoC project, the market is still particularly niche, just like the early bitcoin in 2009, and the computing power of the entire network is low. With the expansion of the consensus later, more and more miners joined the feast of mining, and the entire ecology gradually developed and expanded. This also brought a lot of benefits to the early miners, and their faith eventually allowed them to obtain the first bucket of gold on the blockchain. Lava's current situation is similar to that of early bitcoin. The PoC market is still a piece of value Silicon Valley to be mined. PoW now has little opportunity for most people. But PoC is not the same. In addition to saving energy, there is no need to spend a lot of costs to buy ASIC miners. Mining is also particularly friendly to ordinary people, which is also the most desirable place for PoC. Lava will also spend this cold winter with miners, will give play to their own advantages and market expectations for PoC, do a good job of the project, and let more miners embrace Lava. I believe that under the leadership of Lava, the miners will eventually gain something.

The future has come and the blue ocean of blockchain is on

The market cycle will eventually change, and the spring of projects sticking to the blockchain field will come. As the blockchain is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it will bring about various changes and drive future development, and the final value will return to those projects that rely on technical support and applications. In the incremental market, technological innovation means that there is no need to go through a game, and only the community needs to form a consensus to allow the market and users to choose valuable projects on their own, which is also the potential value in the advancement of PoC projects. As a PoC eco-builder, Lava is doing valuable technology-driven projects to increase its influence in this field, and finally let more people know and participate in the construction of the ecology, and even promote the implementation of various application scenarios .

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