LianGuai Daily | Lens Protocol releases its V2 version; Binance has integrated BTC Lightning Network

LianGuai Daily | Lens Protocol releases V2; Binance integrates BTC Lightning Network

Today’s headlines:

1. Meitu expects to turn losses into profits in the first half of this year due to the devaluation of cryptocurrencies.

2. Web3 social graph protocol Lens Protocol releases version 2, integrating “Open Actions” and ERC-6551.

3. Ethermint protocol attacked, 202 Ethscriptions stolen.

4. Binance has completed the integration of BTC on the Lightning Network and opened deposits and withdrawals.

5. Data: APE worth approximately $31.67 million and AXS worth approximately $21.62 million will be unlocked this week.

6. Decentralized payment network Gnosis LianGuaiy and self-custody debit card Gnosis Card have been launched.

7. Data: MakerDAO co-founder currently holds approximately $122 million MKR, accounting for 12.6% of MKR’s total circulation.

8. CoinShares: Net inflows of digital asset investment products last week reached $137 million.

Regulatory news

Haun Ventures CEO: It is unlikely that the SEC will appeal against Ripple.

Katie Haun, CEO of Haun Ventures, tweeted that it is unlikely that the SEC will appeal against Ripple, as it benefits from the “current chaos” and a loss could jeopardize its future enforcement actions.

Previously, the Ripple CEO stated that the SEC may have to wait “years” before appealing the Ripple case.


Project updates

Web3 social graph protocol Lens Protocol releases version 2, integrating “Open Actions” and ERC-6551.

During the EthCC conference in Paris, Lens Protocol, a Web3 social graph protocol, officially released its V2 version, which integrates the enhanced external smart contract feature called “Open Actions” and the ERC-6551 token standard. The Open Actions feature allows any external smart contract operation to be executed directly from Lens’ content posts. For example, with this feature, users can directly mint NFTs on the OpenSea contract from content posted on Lens. The ERC-6551 standard allows ownership of NFTs to be attached to other assets and interact with applications. For example, it is now possible to program virtual land in the metaverse to have its own Lens profile file and interact with its land users.

Mantle Network launches its mainnet alpha version at EthCC.

According to The Block, Ethereum Layer 2 solution Mantle Network officially launched its mainnet alpha version at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) in Paris. The DAO-led ecosystem also recently approved a $200 million ecosystem fund to support the development of early-stage dApps on Ethereum Layer 2 proposed last week.

Meitu expects to turn losses into profits in the first half of this year due to the devaluation of cryptocurrencies.

Meitu announced that it expects to turn losses into profits in the first half of this year, recording a net profit attributable to shareholders between CNY 220 million and CNY 265 million, compared to a net loss of approximately CNY 266 million in the same period last year. The main reason for the expected turnaround is that as of June 30, 2023, the market price of the purchased cryptocurrencies was higher than the market price on December 31, 2022, resulting in a reversal of the devaluation of the purchased cryptocurrencies of approximately CNY 185 million. Since purchasing cryptocurrencies in March and April 2021, the Meitu Group has not purchased or sold any cryptocurrencies based on a cryptocurrency investment plan.

zkSync: The eligibility for the LIBERTAS OMNIBUS NFT airdrop is to have interacted with at least one of the first 100+ zkSync NFTs.

zkSync tweeted that the eligibility criteria for the LIBERTAS OMNIBUS NFT airdrop is to have an address that has interacted with at least one of the first 100+ zkSync NFTs. Then, all 179,365 recipients were programmatically generated based strictly on the aforementioned eligibility criteria. The list was then sorted alphabetically in preparation for batch distribution. Due to the sorting, the addresses in the first batch all start with 0x0. As it is an automated selection, the 179,365 lists are random. However, zkSync acknowledges that using the term “random” to describe the initial distribution batches is inaccurate. They apologize for the confusion and thank the community members who pointed out the issue. zkSync will relaunch the issuance of LIBERTAS OMNIBUS NFT in the coming days and weeks and test IRL minting at EthCC Paris.

Previously, zkSync stated that the NFT airdrop was for the first 10,000 users on the mainnet, and the remaining users would be eligible to receive it after EthCC.

Ethscriptions Protocol Attacked, 202 Ethscriptions Stolen

Tom Lehman, the creator of Ethscriptions, stated that Ethscriptions_com was hacked, and approximately 123 individual addresses lost a total of around 202 Ethscriptions. The value of the losses is currently unclear. However, according to OpenSea data, some Ethscriptions were sold for as much as 5 ETH, equivalent to around $9,600, in the past month.

Lehman claimed responsibility for the attack and explained that the vulnerability can be traced back to a smart contract created by him and Michael Hirsch, the co-founder of Indelible Labs. A small piece of code included in it allowed people to withdraw Ethscriptions that did not belong to them from the market. Lehman also stated that the Ethscriptions_com marketplace will be relaunched, and he has been in contact with many users affected by the vulnerability.

Binance Completes Integration of BTC on Lightning Network and Enables Deposits and Withdrawals

Binance announced that it has completed the integration of Bitcoin (BTC) on the Lightning Network, and deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin (BTC) are now available on the Lightning Network.

Celsius Starts Selling Tokens, Including LINK, SNX, BNB, 1INCH, ZRX, FTT, BONE

According to Lookonchain, Celsius has started selling altcoins, including 1.27 million LINK ($8.5 million), 2.83 million SNX ($7.84 million), 12,597 BNB ($3 million), 4.45 million 1INCH ($2.26 million), 8.53 million ZRX ($1.9 million), and 439,000 FTT ($713,000), which were transferred to FalconX. Additionally, 186,149 BONE ($235,000) was deposited on OKX.

Previously, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Martin Glenn in the Southern District of New York approved Celsius to sell or exchange any altcoins for BTC and ETH starting from July 1. Last week, Celsius transferred approximately $64 million worth of altcoins, including LINK, MATIC, and AAVE, among others.

Binance Now Supports Users to Obtain Multiple Deposit Addresses, Up to 20 per Network

According to an official announcement, Binance now supports users to obtain multiple deposit addresses for a single network type and will simultaneously launch a new deposit address book feature to manage multiple deposit addresses. This feature will facilitate users in managing their assets more efficiently and conveniently.

In the initial stage of this feature’s launch, users will only be able to generate multiple deposit addresses for tokens on the Ethereum network (ERC20) and Ethereum alternative networks (such as Arbitrum and BNB Smart Chain). More blockchains will be supported in the future. Users can obtain up to 20 deposit addresses per network. Binance will regularly review this and decide whether it is necessary to increase or decrease the number of deposit addresses based on the situation.

Binance Launchpad’s Arkham token sale subscription is now open

Binance announced that the Arkham (ARKM) token sale subscription on Binance Launchpad is now open and will last for 24 hours. After the subscription is completed, Binance will list Arkham (ARKM) in the innovation zone and open ARKM/BTC, ARKM/USDT, ARKM/TUSD, ARKM/BNB, and ARKM/TRY trading markets at 20:00 on July 18th, Beijing time.

zkSync Era announces the launch of the proof system Boojum

zkSync Era has announced the launch of a new proof system called Boojum, which will assist the network in transitioning to a STARK-supported proof system to enhance decentralization and performance. Boojum represents a breakthrough in user-driven and decentralized direction: provers can run on consumer-grade GPUs with only 16 GB of GPU RAM. In addition, Boojum will provide performance enhancements to the zkSync Era sequencer. The zkSync Era team has designed zkSync Era to enable cryptographic upgrades without regenesis, which means that the Boojum upgrade will not cause any user interruptions. Boojum is now live on the mainnet, generating and validating “shadow proofs” with real production data for testing before full migration. Boojum features include PLONK-style arithmetic, FRI commitment scheme, easy scalability, and single-stack, among others.

Binance will restore the market order function for all spot and margin trading pairs

According to the official announcement, Binance will restore the “market order – quote quantity” function for affected spot and margin trading pairs at 10:00 on July 19th, 2023 (Beijing time). This function was temporarily suspended on May 7th, 2023, at 17:00 (Beijing time). After this function is restored, users will be able to use the “quote quantity” and “slider range” functions for market orders on all spot and margin trading pairs. API users can query this through the api/v3/exchangeInfo interface. When the API returns the field “quoteOrderQtyMarketAllowed: true,” it means that the market order – quote quantity function has been restored for this trading pair.

Decentralized payment network Gnosis LianGuaiy and self-custodial debit card Gnosis Card have been launched

Gnosis LianGuaiy, a decentralized payment network, and Gnosis Card, a self-custodial debit card, related to Gnosis Chain, have officially launched. Gnosis LianGuaiy first launched in Europe and later expanded to the United States, Brazil, and India. Gnosis LianGuaiy allows users to directly use digital assets from their wallets at any place that accepts Visa. It combines Visa debit card functionality with the smart wallet technology of Safe (formerly Gnosis Safe).

Important Data

Data: Approximately $31.67 million worth of APE and approximately $21.62 million worth of AXS will be unlocked this week.

According to Token Unlocks data, 8 crypto projects will unlock their tokens this week, with a total value of approximately $60 million.

ApeCoin (APE) will unlock 15.6 million tokens (approximately $31.67 million) at 8:00 on July 17th, accounting for 1.56% of the total supply;

Arkham (ARKM) will unlock 150 million tokens at 8:00 on July 18th, accounting for 15% of the total supply;

X2Y2 will unlock 37.5 million tokens (approximately $970,000) at 23:47 on July 18th, accounting for 3.75% of the total supply;

Euler (EUL) will unlock 154,380 tokens (approximately $370,000) at 22:22 on July 19th, accounting for 0.568% of the total supply;

1inch (1INCH) will unlock 364,290 tokens (approximately $150,000) at 8:00 on July 20th, accounting for approximately 0.024% of the total supply;

SLianGuaiCE ID (ID) will unlock 15.15 million tokens (approximately $4.06 million) at 8:00 on July 22nd, accounting for 0.758% of the total supply;

Axie Infinity (AXS) will unlock 3.43 million tokens (approximately $21.62 million) at 21:10 on July 22nd, accounting for 1.27% of the total supply;

Cartesi (CTSI) will unlock $1.54 million (approximately $240,000) at 12:00 on July 23rd, accounting for 0.154% of the total supply.

Data: MakerDAO Foundation currently holds approximately $122 million worth of MKR, accounting for 12.6% of the total circulating supply of MKR.

According to on-chain analyst Yu Jin, since November 2022, MakerDAO Foundation’s co-founder Rune has been selling LDO to buy back MKR. The two addresses currently hold a total of 123,893 MKR tokens (worth approximately $122 million), accounting for 12.6% of the total circulating supply of MKR (977,631 MKR). From November 2022 to April 2023, a total of 13.57 million LDO tokens (worth approximately $26.14 million) were sold at an average price of $1.92 per token. From November 2022 to July 2023, a total of 32,637 MKR tokens (worth approximately $23.95 million) were bought at an average price of $734. The funds for buying back MKR all come from the sale of LDO.

CoinShares: Net inflows of digital asset investment products reached $137 million last week.

On July 17th, LianGuaiNews reported that according to CoinShares’ weekly report, net inflows of digital asset investment products reached $137.4 million last week, totaling $742 million over the past four weeks. This is the largest inflow since the fourth quarter of 2021. Among them, net inflows into Bitcoin investment products reached $139.8 million last week, while investment products shorting Bitcoin saw outflows of $3.2 million for the 12th consecutive week. Net outflows of $1.6 million were observed for Ethereum investment products, making it the digital asset with the largest outflow of funds so far this year.

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