MetaMask will launch the Snap feature, enabling interoperability with non-EVM chains.

MetaMask will launch Snap feature for interoperability with non-EVM chains.

Author: Tom Mitchelhill, Cointelegraph; Translation: Song Xue, LianGuai

Simon Morris, Strategic Director at Consensys, said that the highly anticipated Snap feature of MetaMask will allow users to interact with various different blockchain networks, receive updates on projects, and help unveil the mysteries behind complex transactions.

On September 6th, Morris stated in an interview at the Korean Blockchain Week that the functionality of MetaMask Snaps is similar to the Apple App Store for crypto wallets, allowing third-party developers to launch new decentralized applications (DApps) called Snaps to expand the functionality of MetaMask.

Morris explained that the first round of released Snaps will undergo security checks and be whitelisted by Consensys developers. The future goal is to make this process permissionless, similar to publishing applications online.

Morris stated that this upgrade will take place later this year, and users will be able to download third-party extensions into their MetaMask wallets.

These extensions will enable them to use the MetaMask wallet with non-EVM chains, including Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche, and Starknet.

“MetaMask started with a big assumption that there would be an EVM or something very similar to Ethereum, so our initial target for version one is to make MetaMask interoperable with other non-EVM chains.”

Snap will also help reduce the ambiguity of signing transactions. Morris acknowledged that users often feel confused or fearful when confirming transactions, and hinted that some upcoming Snaps will help make the process of signing transactions and evaluating smart contracts appear less opaque at first glance.

Another feature enabled by Snaps will allow developers to send messages to internal users on MetaMask.

Users will not have to navigate to the project’s website or social media accounts to get updates. The upgrade will enable a “communication layer between DApp developers and their users.”

Morris stated that for those who want to experience Snaps, users can download an application called MetaMask Flask, but he warned that it is primarily a tool for developers.

On September 5th, MetaMask launched its latest “Sell” feature, allowing users in the United States, United Kingdom, and certain European regions to exchange Ethereum for fiat currency that can be directly sent to their bank accounts.

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